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Build your unbreakable business even in unpredictable times

  Are you ready for two powerful days of INSPIRED leadership, savvy business workshops, and purpose-driven wisdom? If so, you won’t want to miss the next LPL Summit: Build Your Unbreakable Business! Join us as we celebrate female entrepreneurs across industries. This is not your average networking event. Rather than wasting time with people who can’t help you grow your business, meet other driven women who are actively building their businesses. Not only will this be a great source of inspiration , but we also have some incredible workshop facilitators lined up for you - experts in their fields on every aspect of growing and scaling a successful business. Come join us for two jam-packed days of valuable content and quality connections. We promise it will change the trajectory of your business! What are you waiting for? I invite you to get your VIP Early Bird Ticket now! VIP Ticket Sales End Jan 31st 2023! See you there! INFO and TICKETS :

How to be resilient in life and business?

  How to be resilient in life and business? Today's Special guest is Soribel Martinez - Ms. Unbreakable. Click here to watch the episode. Soribel Martinez is FABULOUS!!!! Her personality is larger than life and she owns every room she steps into. Being on the outside looking in, you would have no idea about the adversity that she has overcome. Yet she has been through so much and has come out on the other side of things, not only stronger, but with a passion and generosity to support others as they go through their own hard times. On today's show, Soribel, best selling author, motivational speaker, therapist, owner of thriving practice to support mental health: SM Psychotherapy, full time mom, daughter and friend; Soribel shares her 5 steps to being resilient in life and business even in unpredictable times! She shares amazing Soribel-isms with us, like: "Be yourself, everyone else is boring!" That one had me rolling in the aisles! She also reminds us to have: &q

How to unmute your voice? With special guest, best selling author, Mary Ann Pack.

click for video We all work pretty hard... for many of us our work takes up our time close to 24/7 because when we aren't working on our businesses or in our businesses, business is taking up valuable real-estate in our minds! Enter  #growsmarternotharder ! Follow my posts for outstanding interviews with leading teachers, coaches, consultants, professionals, authors, healers, leaders, speakers and other women in business. They share with us on each and every episode, IMPLEMENTABLE strategies (STUFF YOU CAN USE!) to get out of overwhelm, ditch the hustle and grow our businesses with EASE. Today: How to unmute your voice? With special guest, best selling author, Mary Ann Pack. Where in your life are you living in a MUTED way? Where is that coming from? What would be available to you if you were to live as your authentic self in an UNMUTED way? Mary-Ann and I have a fun conversation about living unmuted and about her newest bestseller: UNMUTED VOICES (available on AMAZON now.) All thi