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Please join us for Collaboration Conversations

Please join us for Collaboration Conversations over on our LPL YouTube Channel.  While you are there will you please like and subscribe? Ladies' Power Lunch Collaboration Conversations: Jackie Baldwin Jackie is a financial advisor or as she describes herself: A financial architect . For more about Jackie, check out her website: She talks today with us about collaborations, going into detail about some of the outside the box collaborations that she has had that have gone very well, focusing on what it takes to have a great collaboration. She also tells us stories of collaborations gone wrong and what she learned from the experience. This was an outstanding conversation. Please watch like and subscribe! Collaborations can grow our businesses tremendously but what makes a good collaboration? What are the dos and don'ts of collaborations? What holds people back, what are the lessons and best practices as far as collaborations go? This limited LPL s

Ramblings from the chrysalis: Transform your impact and income through collaboration

One of my favorite mentors likes to say: “Words don't teach but stories do,” so may I share a story with you? Once upon a time there were 3 little brothers. An older brother, a middle brother and a baby brother. ...Stop me if you have heard this one before. They grew up as kids often do, and as teenagers really gave their old father a lot of stress with their shenanigans. Their old father thought to himself that perhaps the solution to all his problems was to figure out career paths for his beloved sons and send them off to school. The eldest son, wanting to be like his father, went off to Germany to study engineering. He became a successful, sought after civil engineer, managing engineering projects for a large local city.   The middle son who had a great talent for drawing went to architecture school, he went on to work for a large architecture firm in the capital and was well respected by all. And of course the baby: who if you have been keeping track, was not such a baby anymor