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Manifest Your Optimal Life Party

Click to play MANIFESTATION FGF Video We were just coming from the Ladies' Power Lunch - Live Your Optimal Life Summit where we talked about raising your and our vibrations so that we can all live our optimal lives with the income, impact and influence that we dream of!!! So we decided to take it a step further and throw a week long MANIFESTATION PARTY. I invite you to join in on the party.  In the video above, we share some experiences, answer some questions, give a little homework to move us all forward with some accountability to make the things we desire happen and then we gave away an awesome free gift!!!! That's what this video is so please be sure to check it out.  But wait, there's more... It's not over! Join in on the Manifestation Party! We talked about it at Live Your Optimal Life Summit: What area of your life could you really stand to shift?  How is your:   1) Health, wellness and well-being?   2) Relationships: both romantic as well as community- (frie