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Ramblings From The Chrysalis: Special Guest Branding Specialist - Veronica Wirth

 It’s Not Your Brand

By Veronica Wirth, Visionary Guide, Shamanic Business Intuitive

I’ve been playing with a new thought lately. Well, a new thought around an ancient idea, the idea of Divine Surrender.


In drinking up Tosha Silver’s book, “It’s Not Your Money” (a great read, beautiful and wise, as are all her books), she speaks of letting Source lead, remembering that money is simply the flow of universal abundance, and we are its conduit. She explains that when we are willing to let go of our ego-self running the show alone and invite Source in to show us the way, we free up bucket loads of energy so we can be more in flow with what truly wants to come through us.


As I read Tosha’s words about offering up the burden of “our” money to the Divine, I wondered, what if we could release our brands and businesses in the same way? What if we could pry the reins out of the hands of our willful ego – often running from a place of trying to control everything (exhausting) – and offer them to Source to guide the way?


I immediately felt a wave of profound relief wash over my body at the thought. Just give it all to God. Gather any sense of burden, anywhere I feel the need to control my business, any attachment to certain outcomes – and offer it up to Divine Source.


This speaks to the path I’ve been on the past couple of years, as I’ve learned to trust my intuition and guidance from Spirit more and more and bring this approach to my business (and hence my brand), not just my personal life. Embracing this approach is something I hesitated to do in my business at first, because it felt more risky. After all, if I received guidance from Spirit that didn’t match what my ego-mind thought were the “right” and “proven” things to be doing in my business, did I have the courage to honor that new wisdom?


We don’t need to throw out the sharp insights and knowledge of our logical side. It has much to offer, however, now we put it in service of something larger. It’s still along for the ride. It’s just no longer driving the bus.


I thought it might help to contrast these two ways of approaching a brand and business.


The way that is guided by will and the logical mind honors what is already known, experienced or proven. Think left brain. With the logical way, we are ultimately thinking with our marketing hat on. The ultimate goal is a successful business and effective brand (not bad goals at all, we’ll just be shifting their priority) and that means a strong bottom line, so selling more products or services is the pathway there. If it feels good along the way, great! But that’s not the ultimate goal. We ask questions like:

  • How will I sell this to people?

  • How do I differentiate my business from my competitors?

  • How can I package this business/offering/product so it is most appealing to my ideal customers?

  • What are my KPIs of success?

  • What are my goals over the next quarter, year, 5 years?

  • How will this help me grow my business and make more money?


In contrast, when we can not only bring our soul into the equation but also invite in Spirit as a co-creator, we open up a world of infinite possibilities! With this path, we embrace more meaningful objectives as a priority. We get to ask much deeper and more interesting questions like:

  • How can I share my truest self with the people I am most meant to serve?

  • In what space can my most blessed and precious gifts come out to dance?

  • What will liberate me and my sacred work so that my divine vision can come to fruition?

  • What brand container can I create to hold all of these ideas and intentions?

  • What brand container can I create that will hold the energy of these things in their highest expression as if they’ve already bloomed?

  • How can I grow an abundant business that’s in full alignment with my divine purpose?


Can you feel how these questions land versus the first list? Do you sense more expansion, release, freedom, or excitement (maybe even fear) at the possibilities this opens up?


When we come from the will, we think our business is our own creation alone, and so we also carry the burden of making it work. This belief comes from the ego mind, and so then do the constructs built around it and the solutions we create.


But what if it were a beautiful co-creation between us and Spirit, and even the souls that we will be interacting with that eagerly await our creation for their own growth and becoming?


If your business is a divine co-creation and not simply “yours” alone from an ego perspective, but a participatory dance with Source, then how would you approach things differently? Would you invite Source into your every aspect of your business?


You don’t have to carry the burden. I believe it’s possible to offer up our businesses and brands to God and then make our decisions from that lighter, expanded space.


What if you could let go and let Spirit take the lead and show you the way?

How would that feel?

What would change for you?

Veronica Wirth

Visionary Guide, Shamanic Business Intuitive


Hi, I’m Veronica Wirth, Evolvative™ business visionary, intuitive, change-maker, creative. I blend my experience from branding, shamanism, design, yoga, marketing, and the business, food and entertainment worlds. Most of my life I kept my business and spiritual lives separate, and frustrated because my business and brand didn’t align with who I truly was and my deeper work I felt called to share. It was only when I embraced my spiritual gifts WITHIN my work that things really blossomed for me. Now more than ever the world needs our soulful brilliance to be fully seen. I am here to help you shine!



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Monday, November 16, 2020

Ramblings From The Chrysalis: Special Guest - Meredith Vaish

 How Avoidance Can Be a Winning Strategy

By Meredith Vaish, Pause Box Creator and CEO


Oh how maligned the term avoidance.


Oh, the haters. 


But what if avoidance was a winning strategy?


What if avoiding fixing a problem was the best way toward solving it?


Stay with me.


First, let’s define our terms. Avoidance is “the action of keeping away from or not doing something.” For the sake of this discussion, I’m not talking about avoiding your emotions, feelings, or commitments. I’m using avoidance in the context of over-thinkers who endlessly ruminate over an unsolved problem requiring endless charges up the hill –usually with little to show for it, and at pretty big costs.


To people like us, problem-solving is seen as heroic and avoidance is seen as lazy, unproductive–even irresponsible or weak.  But what if we flipped it?


What if deliberate avoidance was the best, highest use of your time and a powerful way toward a solution? That’s been my experience. Over again, I’ve seen the pattern. Taking a break from solution-ing is the most powerful tool we have to create breakthrough.


This is why I’m so committed to the power of intentional pause as a tool for clarity, inner guidance, and inspired action.


Think about it. Avoidance is a natural reaction to things feeling stuck, hard and grind-y. It’s a signal that enormous effort is likely required to move the boulder just an inch up the proverbial hill.  So why do we judge ourselves for avoiding it when it’s quite legitimate to do so? Why not conserve our energy and put it somewhere more powerful and playful? 


Yes, we can force it.


And we do.


But instead of “powering through,” what if we allowed it to be stuck? What if we removed the need to solve it? Fix it? Make it happen?


What then?

What if we just left the problem where it is and intentionally changed the subject? This has happened to me several times since starting my business. I started analyzing a problem or decision. I started the mental spin of pros and cons, shoulds and coulds, with no one solution getting traction.


Nothing clicking. 


Then, after noticing that my mind had become obsessed with the fixing of it, and it covered no new ground, and it took up a lot of mental and emotional resources, I had a choice to make.


I could continue to rev, or I could release it.


I’ve done this deliberately now on some pretty high-stakes decisions and I’m rewarded with powerful insight every time.


Backing off the solution-ing and using that time instead to engage in activities I love–learning new subjects, taking walks, listening to interviews of inspiring people–is the way I move forward.


Paradoxically, when I’m avoiding fixing a problem, I’m more productive at solving it. It’s in this pause when the aha always comes. I’m most productive when I’m actively avoiding the old tired path and stepping into new fertile territory: new ideas, vistas, possibilities.


From this new space, insight is born. Then I’m able to move forward on that old “problem” with new and fresh ideas. Or I realize that the old problem isn’t worth solving, it was the wrong question. 


This week, play with the idea of avoidance as a winning strategy. See what happens when you back off from fixing. Notice what it feels like to honor the urge to avoid something that’s stuck and intentionally, deliberately change the subject.


Fill the time you normally use to fret, worry, and puzzle over with activities that are fun, inspiring, and restful. And then listen for the breakthrough. 


Three avoidance activities that really paid off for me recently were: Marie Kondo-ing two kitchen drawers, total daydreaming while on a hike, and reading a random chapter from a book on intuition.


All of these helped bust me through a funk I had around a planning decision.


Now your turn.


And drop me a note letting me know how it goes. Extra credit points if you can do it with a sense of trust that the solution is on its way.

About Me:

Meredith Vaish is a recovering over-doer and chronic high-achiever who left corporate for a year-long soulbatical. Thanks to what she learned during that pause, she’s now on a mission to help other creators, do-ers, and improvers break free from the overwhelm of being always-on. Meredith speaks on topics of how to use pause for clarity, intention, and connecting to your intuition so you can hear what’s true for you, then take inspired action to create the life you love.

Meredith offers breakthrough sessions to busy women looking to tap their intuition in order to create clarity and momentum in their life and business. Take the Creator's Energy Quiz at