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Ramblings From The Chrysalis: Special Guest Branding Specialist - Veronica Wirth

  It’s Not Your Brand By Veronica Wirth , Visionary Guide, Sha manic Business Intuitive I’ve been playing with a new thought lately. Well, a new thought around an ancient idea, the idea of Divine Surrender.   In drinking up Tosha Silver’s book, “It’s Not Your Money” (a great read, beautiful and wise, as are all her books), she speaks of letting Source lead, remembering that money is simply the flow of universal abundance, and we are its conduit. She explains that when we are willing to let go of our ego-self running the show alone and invite Source in to show us the way, we free up bucket loads of energy so we can be more in flow with what truly wants to come through us.   As I read Tosha’s words about offering up the burden of “our” money to the Divine, I wondered, what if we could release our brands and businesses in the same way? What if we could pry the reins out of the hands of our willful ego – often running from a place of trying to control everything (exhausting) – and

Ramblings From The Chrysalis: Special Guest - Meredith Vaish

  How Avoidance Can Be a Winning Strategy By Meredith Vaish, Pause Box Creator and CEO   Oh how maligned the term avoidance .   Oh, the haters.    But what if avoidance was a winning strategy?   What if avoiding fixing a problem was the best way toward solving it?   Stay with me.   First, let’s define our terms. Avoidance is “the action of keeping away from or not doing something.” For the sake of this discussion, I’m not talking about avoiding your emotions, feelings, or commitments. I’m using avoidance in the context of over-thinkers who endlessly ruminate over an unsolved problem requiring endless charges up the hill –usually with little to show for it, and at pretty big costs.   To people like us, problem-solving is seen as heroic and avoidance is seen as lazy, unproductive–even irresponsible or weak.  But what if we flipped it?   What if deliberate avoidance was the best, highest use of your time and a powerful way toward a solution? That’s been my experience. Over again, I’ve