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Eight Leadership Tips To Take Into 2023

  Click To Watch Entire Episode Today's Special Guest on the LPL TV Show: Grow Your Business Smarter (Which you can find Live Tuesdays 11 AM EST on RokuTV, FireTV and AppleTV or at,) is Lori Raggio!!! Back by popular demand. On this episode, Executive coach Lori shares her 8 steps to being the leader the world needs now, while still growing business with ease and flow. She gives practical advice and even gives us some outstanding homework to speed our transformation along!!! May I invite you to watch along... Come share some holiday cheer, let's talk about building with ease and flow for 2023!!! All this and more on this episode! By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs- and a few supportive men. We work together to get more visible and to grow our businesses. TOGETHER Join our community: - In our active an

How to reach MANY MANY MANY more with your message?

Visibility Circle is now open and we are inviting you to be a part of our next anthology which will be called: LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE! More info at On Today's LPL Show: How to reach MANY MANY MANY more with your message? Special guest: Liz Hill How to reach MANY more with your message? Elizabeth Hill is a Publisher, writing coach, editor, best selling author, speaker…. and my collaboration partner and business bestie. Today she shares her 5 steps to getting your message truly Visible! - She explains exactly how to engage with others to become truly visible. - She talks about our underlying willingness to be visible and any blocks we might be having to visibility. - She explains why non traditional methods work so well. -She goes into storytelling and talks about how we can use our experiences in life to guide the way we share with our audiences. -Finally she gives us homework: One activity we can start with that will instantly increase our a

Visibility circle intro

Click for video & More about visibility circle It's been almost a million years back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and yet I remember it as if it were yesterday. I can feel the wind as it picked up the dust on the playground and as the leaves on the trees lining the walkway gently swayed during recess.  This memory is of Little Davia in Elementary School. And you would not be surprised to learn that little Davia is not too different from the Davia you know and love now.  I hadn't thought of this memory in decades, centuries even, but as I was getting ready for a recent summit that I hosted, my coach asked me: “Of the millions of things that Ladies' Power Lunch has to make the life of the woman in business more ease and flow, which one do you want to share with your audience?” As she asked me this, I found that I was at a loss for words. Me... at a loss for words. OK, for those of you who know me, you are chuckling a little at the incongruity of that picture. F