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LPL Presents Transformation 2020 Anthology is available on Amazon

  The very first Ladies Power Lunch Anthology Book: “Transformation 2020” has been released! Click here to download a copy of the ebook today.   In this inspiring book, twenty female leaders, our very own LPL friends, share their stories of personal transformation - and how they have used the wisdom they have gained to help ease the path of transformation for others.    Our outstanding publisher is Green Heart Living - Elizabeth B. Hill. Our contributing authors include: Jacqueline A. Baldwin, Julia Bernadsky, Kacey Cardin, Robin H. Clare, Kristina Crooks, Maryann Cruz, Dee DiFatta, Lisa Braidwood Ferry, Robin Finney, Lynn Gallant, Angel Johnstone, Gina Marecki, Donna Martire Miller, Melissa Molinero, Lori Raggio, Mary Roy, Candi Sterling, Kristi H. Sullivan, and Noelymari Sanchez Velez. I am so honored to share their stories.    This is the first book of the Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology series. 50% of all royalties from this series will be donated to the  Main Street Community Fo

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