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With so much vying for your attention, why attend IYL Summit?

Why join us for Ignite Your Leadership Summit? Sometimes you need the main program, sometimes it's the BONUSES that pull you in!   I know there are many things vying for your attention. For me, between work, home and family, making time for personal development and business growth conferences and summits can be tricky. If I'm attending anything I really have to make sure that it's worth my time. Here are my top 4 reasons I will be attending Ignite Your Leadership Summit , and why I think you should join in too: 4) AND… Come for the bonuses!!! There are BONUSES: Join us for a bonus day focused on Human Design and  Leadership in particular what it means to lead as a human design projector. If you are a Human design Projector, coach projectors, love projectors, parent projectors or somehow interact with projectors, or you just want to know more about leadership as yourself, then you will want to attend this outstanding summit. Our bonus day Hosted by April Brown starts with