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What's the secret ingredient to collaborative leadership?

  What's the secret ingredient to collaborative leadership? Special guest: Mary Ann Pack Mary Ann is a Medium, Acclaimed Podcaster, Best Selling Author, Transformational Coach and Publisher. She shares with us on this episode the secret ingredient to collaborative leadership. My five big take aways from today's conversation: 1) Mary Ann says Leadership and collaborations do not have to be hard 2) Spend time doing tings that bring you joy! 3) Take breaks, BUT... take gratitude with you on your breaks, do not bring your to do list with you on your breaks! 4) Notice how you feel, reach for thoughts that bring you relief! 5) Use affirmations or comforting mantras. Maryann's favorite one: "All is well." That help's to bring your vibration back. All this and more on today's episode. By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs- and a few supportive men. We w

How to be the leader the world needs now? With Executive Transformational Coach - Lori Raggio

 H ow to be the leader the world needs now? With Executive Transformational Coach - Lori Raggio Every single Friday, we get together in the Ladies' Power Lunch Facebook Group and have conversation with an LPL member. She shares about her business, teaches us something of great value and then gives away a free gift! Do want your free gift? Just go to Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself :) Well.... We too the summer off, and Free Gift Friday (FGF) is back!!! YES you heard me correctly! We took the entire summer off and now we are ready to rock and roll! On this episode we feature Lori Raggio! She is a super star executive coach and we will be chatting about LEADERSHIP and growing a business! Plus we will be giving away a bunch of free gifts! not one, not two... but a bunch of free gifts. Get yours at: Who wants a free gift? In the words of the great OPRAH: Every attendee gets a gift!!! (will

Don't scroll past this is important heartfelt gift from me to you

  I have a gift for you. So often we see so many "GIFTS," "FREEBIES," "GIVEAWAYS," etc. that have us saying:  "Oh, OK, no one wants that!" As we scroll past.  In a world where there is so much competing for our attention, the random free gift offer often gets overlooked. That's why I am inviting you to actually STOP, take a minute and please accept this heartfelt gift from me and the Ignite Your Leadership team to you. You know I love collaboration so it's no surprise that I've collaborated with some of my amazing friends to bring this free gift bundle to you! Click here for free gift Who is this for? This is for you if you are a woman in business, a professional, a healer, leader, speaker, author, guru, coach or teacher. If you are someone who does work that uplifts others, then you are a leader and this beautifully curated gift is for you. Why do you want this?  Are you a heart centered person in business who wants to make a differe

How to choose the life you love and stop living by default?

How to choose the life you love and stop living by default? That's what we chat about today with Special Guest: Brittany Quagan -Therapist & Medium. Click for Video Brittany's business is- Journeys: School for the Soul; Brittany Quagan, Counseling. On today's episode of the Grow Your Business Smarter TV Show, we are reminded: We spend our days telling ourselves stories about who we are and what we will become. Those stories begin to take shape long before we are born. Brittany shares her journey of falling into the roles she felt she needed to play- to finding the power to step into the roles she has CHOSEN! This was such an outstanding show. - Brittany advises us to take the first step towards living our life by design: Look at our story and actively participate in the edits. - She explains why you will NEVER be "Good Enough!" Controversial maybe but true definitely! Direct quote from Brittany: "Don't seek approval. Seek alignment!" - She

What is "Self Leadership?" Why is it the key to success? Guest: Pat Alva Kraker

  What if there was a way that you could get all the implementable tools that you need to #growyourbusinesssmarter and also at the same time get the tools you need to #liveyouroptimalife ? What if it were all free to you and all you had to do was tune in to get the divine downloads? Great news! There is and you can! On the Ladies' Power Lunch TV show we are literally sharing on each episode, implementable ways for your to grow your business, while also attending to the self-compassion items on your to-do list. Catch this week's episode on streaming on the replay? This week's guest is Expert Coach Pat Alva-Kraker. She shares the secret to success and explains its relationship to leadership! She goes into detail about her do's and don'ts for success in business including: -Self awareness -Zone of genius -Self compassion -Interpersonal relationships -Continued learning and - Being in the moment! Plus we chat about how my morning went off the rails! Tune in as sh