How to choose the life you love and stop living by default?

How to choose the life you love and stop living by default? That's what we chat about today with Special Guest: Brittany Quagan -Therapist & Medium.

Brittany's business is- Journeys: School for the Soul; Brittany Quagan, Counseling. On today's episode of the Grow Your Business Smarter TV Show, we are reminded: We spend our days telling ourselves stories about who we are and what we will become. Those stories begin to take shape long before we are born. Brittany shares her journey of falling into the roles she felt she needed to play- to finding the power to step into the roles she has CHOSEN! This was such an outstanding show.
- Brittany advises us to take the first step towards living our life by design: Look at our story and actively participate in the edits.
- She explains why you will NEVER be "Good Enough!" Controversial maybe but true definitely! Direct quote from Brittany: "Don't seek approval. Seek alignment!"
- She talks about why support is important and how to use support along the path to living our best lives.
- Brittany shares the story of how being a medium landed her an outstanding job with Yale University, and how embracing your "weird" may be the one thing that catapults your dreams to the next level.
- And then we talk about: "Holding space for fun... Nourishing your inner child... and no longer cancelling the fun first! Intrigued? Trust me, I love all my episodes, but this one is a must listen. You will gain so much from her wisdom, plus get a dose of her positive energy! Will you give this episode a listen? As always we pull a card to give us a thought for the week and this week's cards share the messages of: Recharge, surrender and acceptance! So on point for our discussion. WOW! What a great show! I invite you to join us live every Tuesday Morning: 11am EST at or go to the Win Win Women app on your FireTV, AppleTV or RokuTV! By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs- and a few supportive men. We work together to get more visible and to grow our businesses. TOGETHER Join our community: - In our active and supportive free Facebook community called: LADIES POWER LUNCH, We are there having heartfelt and meaningful conversation every single day! - PLUS Join our retreats and summits! Our upcoming retreat is called "Ignite your leadership," Oct 17-18, 2022, both virtually and in person and all LIVE and experiential. Join us as we share with you 20+ presenters and their hands on experiential workshops designed to give you the tools to live your optimal life in your business. Tickets and INFO: - Would you like to know even more? Explode your impact & income with the power of the collective!!! Go to:


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