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Exactly how do you use Self Appreciation to grow your business?

  Click for  SelfLove Video #3 Today we share the framework (practical steps,) for transforming your life through Self Appreciation. And Gail Petrowsky our special guest shares NINE journal prompts to get you started on your implementation journey! Please will you watch along? I’m excited to share that we are close to wrapping up planning for our long-awaited next Ladies Power Lunch Retreat! I’m looking forward to sharing the details with you on TUESDAY!! Thanks to everyone who gave feedback. Your input is helping us plan the best retreat that will be most impactful and beneficial for you. One more thing: Here are the promised Questions/Journal Prompts (We promised in video #3,) to help you transform your life Balance and compassionate Boundaries. I invite you to answer them in the worksheet. If you do, Gail and I will be happy to explore this with you further in a free VIP setting! Thank you again for your input. The journaling prompts link: