Our Ladies Power Lunch group started from humble beginnings. I had left the warm embrace of corporate and entered into the world of being a small business owner. I very quickly became disillusioned with the traditional ways that people suggested for networking, and so I invited a group of six heart-centered women in business to have lunch with me at a Ruby Tuesday on Route 6 in Bristol, Connecticut.

When women get together something magical happens. They tap into a wisdom that we have known for millennia and they support each other, not because they expect to get something in return but because they are women, they are there, and they can.

At the table on that first day it was a true power lunch! Connections were made, support was given, we laughed, we cried and then we decided that this had to be a part of our lives going forward. It was just too valuable to be a one off. That was over eight years ago. Now, we boast an organic membership that spans continents. That’s the power of women. We have moved beyond being just a women’s group and we have morphed into a movement. A movement of women, and a few amazing men, who have just one simple rule: We support each other in an intentional and aligned way.

If being a part of this kind of movement sounds interesting to you, then you, just like the rest of our LPL members, are also one of those who is here to make a difference in the world. I've noticed that you all are the kind of people who whatever you are doing as your profession, you are doing it in service of the greater good. You are here to shine a light into the world and play your part in raising the vibration of the planet. 

As we strived to support our LPL members through the pandemic and beyond one thing became abundantly clear: Even though our members are tremendously skilled at what they do, and you may find this rings true for you too, many tend to be the world’s best kept secret. The people that are losing sleep at night needing the services that they provide by sharing their passion, well, those amazing folks can’t find them. This causes a ripple effect: their potential client’s lights can’t shine as brightly, they can’t influence the people they were meant to serve in the way they were meant to… and on and on it goes, inception style.

The great news is, you don't have to struggle, even in this crowded media landscape. Our big audacious LPL mission is to tap into the power of our amazing LPL movement and the outstanding talent of our members, so that all our members can be seen and heard, shine your light, share your brilliant message and change the world for the better one client at at a time.

By the way, Hi! I'm Davia. I wear a lot of hats, just like you. I’m a mom, a sister, a daughter, and a wife. I help my patients feel better every day. Yet what I’m most passionate about, the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning y'all, is the opportunity to support women in business to live their optimal lives. I do this by helping them to grow their visibility, their reach, their impact, and their income. I’m a beacon for beacons... but it’s more than that. 

I’m an amplifier. I have combined almost two decades of experience in corporate as well as running my own community practice, with my innate ability to translate the energetic signature of the best version of you into words. You know that big dream that you didn’t even know you had, for both your business and your life? Step into my field and I can not only translate it, but also make it bigger. 


I take that higher vision of you and use it to develop a solid plan for increased visibility, reach, and success. The result is that you shine your light at its most brilliant. You  stop being the world’s best kept secret. Your optimal clients, the ones that are losing sleep at night because they need you, the ones who light up when you work together, they are then able to find you with ease and grace, and you can BE THE BEACON that your potential suggests.

My invitation: I'm just going to say it! Will you join our LPL movement? Let us all shine our beautiful lights out into the world. We can do so much more when we do it together.

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