Ladies' Power Lunch
Meet our Fall Summit Speakers

Ladies Power Lunch is proud to bring you workshops, summits, retreats, online shows and so much more. Meet some of the presenters that make this possible! 


Meet Robin Finney, Intuitive Coach and Certified Retreat Leader. Our Intuition Ambassador! In this video she talks about intuition and about pivoting her business.


Meet Gina Johnson, Holistic Business Coach and Candi Sterling, Branding Strategist. 

Between them they bring you two completely free and immersively engaging, "Prenote Power Hours!" During these two workshops you will get a taste of the magic that awaits you in the room at the LPL fall summit!

Together we will get past the obstacles of 2020 to the opportunities!

Meet Julia Bernadsky - Artist and our LPL Consciousness Ambassador

Meet Jackie Baldwin our LPL Finance Ambassador

Meet Aina Hoskins our LPL Feng Shui Ambassador

Meet Angel Johnstone our LPL Confidence Ambassador

Meet Prati Kaufman our LPL Marketing Ambassador

Meet Bevin Mugford our LPL Fashion Ambassador

Meet Meredith Vaish our LPL Selfcare Ambassador

Meet Kricket Harrison our LPL KEYNOTE Ambassador

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