Be An LPL Speaker


Have you ever noticed that many of the heart centered folks with the most amazing messages continue to remain the world's best kept secret? 

If you are ready to get a wider audience for your message and audience, LPL is curating outstanding speakers, healers, leaders, gurus, coaches and all around amazing humans that feel passionately that the thing that they teach can help us move forward and shine our lights more brightly.

Every year LPL hosts at least two summits, retreats, ten monthly business connections meetings for our members, twelve author feature events and twice weekly connection calls. 

All these events share the intention of providing the best hands on content to aid our members in living their optimal lives. That's a lot of events... and that provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase a lot of speakers!

Does this sound like you?

If it does, then let's have a heartfelt conversation. Here's the link to connect:


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