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From: Be The Beacon, To: Answer The Call

  You attended Be The Beacon, (the last LPL summit) right? If you did, you want to get the replay of the most recent LPL Summit: Answer The Call. - Here’s why: - Answer the call picks up where Be The Beacon left off . Beacon was focused on leaning into the passion that is calling your heart and embracing that your work is not a 9-5 J-O-B for you. The thing that you do every day that lights you up, Beacon reminded that you are here to do that thing, and to make a difference in the world. Beacon also provided the opportunity to connect with 20+ authors, speakers and workshop leaders who are shining their lights in different ways, and encouraging you to link arms with them so you can shine your light EVEN brighter. - We got a lot of messages after the last summit from people who enjoyed the content and wanted more. They wanted a blueprint for shining their light; and out of that, the upcoming summit and companion best selling workbook   (Also entitled   Answer The Call,) were