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Ramblings from the chrysalis: In this time of... TRANSFORMATION

I'm sitting at my computer and I know intuitively that I'm called to share this, I'm hesitant, but here goes... Most of you know me as that doctor who talks about helping patients live healthier and happier lives. And some of you, if you are honest with yourselves, think that's pretty weird- but OK...whatever. You are probably thinking, "She is kind of quirky, but it's not a big deal because she gets good results with patients so she must be doing something right, but truth be told, she's a little out there." Well, it's worse than you thought. I'm not just a little out there y'all. I'm finally embracing all the parts of me that make me whole and I'm coming out so to speak. Please let me share this with you so maybe you will understand what it is that I am getting at? For as long as I can remember, since I was very young, I've always been carrying on a conversation. Back then I never felt any need to define it but I k