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You are invited

Get the LPL event updates: * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name It's great getting to know you. I may have mentioned my Ladies Power Lunch networking group, right? I think I did. I invite you to join us. LPL is a free networking group for women. Here are the cliff notes on LPL. How we started: A group of friends (all business owners or executive women,) decided we wanted to meet for lunch once in a while to support each other. Since our first lunch of 6 women, we have grown to a list of almost 900 amazing movers and shakers! What we are about: We have families. We run our businesses. We support each other! LPL: A group of high achieving business women who come together with the intention of growing our businesses by helping each other grow our businesses. Entrepreneurship can be a challenge, but why do it alone? Our intention is to use the considerable resources and talents within our group to help