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Ramblings from the chrysalis: Hard Time Focusing - By Guest Blogger Meredith Vaish

  Still having a hard time focusing? I gotta admit that these first two weeks of January haven't felt like the fresh new year I imagined. It's as if one day's work blends into the next without a through-line. I still show up, do my tasks, but nothing is really adding up. It feels unsatisfying and a bit random. Overall, I feel distracted. Can you relate? Usually, at the start of the year, I have a clear view of what I want and some firm ideas on how to get there.  In the last week of 2020, instead of my usual planning time, I took a much-needed road trip with the family to see the Grand Canyon and southeastern Utah. (Fun note: you can check out videos of the epic vistas on my personal Facebook page.)  Redrock is a happy place for me and it was amazing to enjoy it covered in snow and in freezing temperatures. Suffice to say, I learned the value of a trusted pair of clamp-on spikes for the winter hikes! We returned from our trip on January 3rd and I spent the first week of th