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We would like to give you a taste of the transformational workshops we had for LPL 
Fall Summit, and so we invite you experience two FREE "Prenote Power Hour" workshops! 
The links are below

Meet our prenote speakers:

Gina Johnson is a master holistic business coach. She can see why your business is not where it 
should be and gives you the exact steps to build and grow!

Candi Sterling is an expert at branding and she helps women in business or otherwise, to find their 
confidence, ignite their brand and live their dreams.

Both these workshops approach the concept of living your optimal life working in your zone of brilliance. 
They both approach the topic from two totally different areas but the end result is you living your best 
life even in these trying times!

Prenote Power Hour Workshop With Candi Sterling

Prenote Power Hour Workshop With Gina Johnson

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