The top 10 signs that YOU need a retreat NOW!


Life is short... Live it on your own terms🚢

🚢The top 10 reasons you need to go on retreat

Women in business are usually the most hard working over scheduled women on the planet! They take care of their families and /or their extended families. They spend time nurturing and focused on all the relationships in their lives, and of course they are committed to growing their business and serving their clients…

We as women in business are amazing! We are indeed the true definition of super woman! But… Often when it comes to taking care of self, we sometimes leave ourselves off our own list! 

For many of us even when we take a “vacation,” it’s just a location change. We take the time care and effort to do what it takes to put our businesses on hold for a week or so. Often burning the candle at both ends in the weeks leading up to our time off. We get everyone in our travel party ready for the vacation, often taking on the role of travel agent, vacation planner, concierge. We get everyone packed, everyone ready and everyone going!

Then when we get to our long awaited down time, we spend said vacation taking care of family, fielding business calls, zooming in to “take just one meeting,” or make that presentation that just couldn’t be rescheduled!

I know this life well because it’s me. And it’s a lot of my patients! I was literally talking to one of my high business achieving super mom patients about this yesterday. She just returned from vacation, she has meetings and trainings scheduled for the now week. She has a full inbox AND in tray from bring out of office for one week… and she is exhausted from taking care of everyone while on vacation  and exhausted from the travel experience.

I mentioned our upcoming retreat and the idea of taking that time just for herself really appealed to her. If you are anything like me or my friend I bet it will appeal to you too…

So here are my top 10 reasons for women in business to go on a women’s wellness retreat! I highly recommend that you go on one of my LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE women’s wellness retreats,😊 (info At but to be honest as long as you are taking care of you that’s what’s most important.

Here we go:

  1. Vacations, with friends, as a couple or with family, unfortunately do not prioritize you! There are few times in life when you get a chance to do something that’s just for you so get it girl!

  2. Detox, Deep rest relaxation. If you have ever woken up and felt as though you are still tired, or if you are the kind of person who just can’t function before that caffeine jolt, then you need an opportunity to calm and soothe your  nervous system. 

  3. The opportunity for transformation: we all have visions of who and what we would be if we were living our optimal lives, and in most cases Optimal you or closer to optimal you is within reach. The problem is, when we are going and going in the treadmill of life we don’t take the time or in some cases we do not have the time to make the shifts. Transformational retreats fast track that process! 

  4. Nurturing connections and life long friendships. The folks who show up for retreat tend to be amazing heart centered women in business just like you who can’t wait to meet you to share experiences, growth and transformation. 

  5. Amazing shared experiences. Doing something fun is great! Having an amazing experience is well… even more amazing when you have like minded heart centered folks to share it with

  6. Time to just be. You hear a lot about being in the moment and may often think: “That’s a great idea but, who has time for that?” On retreat the answer to that question is: You have time for that! Take a minute, or many minutes to smell the roses and the fresh sea air!

  7. What you need most is going to show up when you enter a divinely intentional container. Every retreat I have hosted has been magical! Once folks commit to retreat, everything they intend to shift comes into sharp focus. You never see your life more clearly than you do on retreat! 

  8. Fun 🤩 remember that? Many of us are so busy that we have forgotten what fun is. I remember someone asking me in an interview some time ago what I do for fun. After asking me a series of challenging questions it was hilarious that this was the question that had me stumped! 

  9. Rediscover you. You have been the engine of your business. You work at all the jobs. At home you also are responsible for so much! Retreats offer an opportunity to take off all the hats you wear in your daily life and to put on your PINK LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE hat 👒 which is just you being you! 

  10. Discover new places. We offer our LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE retreaters the opportunity to go on at least one LYOL Caribbean beachy retreat and one ICONIC bucket list type of retreat. For example: we head off to the Breezy Bahamas 🇧🇸 in the fall and Amazing Alaska in the spring! 

  11. Bonus: support from facilitators before during and after retreat 

I INVITE YOU: Step out of your life, take a moment to reconnect with yourself

Change your PLACE, slow your PACE and change your PERSPECTIVE. Reenter into your life refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to grow your business smarter AND live your optimal life!


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