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I have an announcement!

  It's been an interesting week so far and guys it's only Wednesday!  Firstly, I had a significant car issue - (Yay! I'm gonna have to get a new car by the end of the week!) And then I woke up this morning with a flooded basement! (Wait a few minutes, I'm going to figure out the up side of this one soon :)  I had asked the universe/ GOD/ Source/ Divine Beloved... however you choose to identify, to help me get better at handling contrast. I guess I'm having a few opportunities for practice? And in truth I have gratitude for that, even as I navigate the practical aspects and solutions. Often in the mornings I'll pull a card from an oracle deck or a thought for the day deck, just to give me some positive inspiration for the day, well on a day like today I pulled three! May I share with you what I found the lessons for me to be? My life theme is to help others through my experiences. I hope from my experience you too can have a clarifying experience. This morning I

Ignite your Leadership! What? I'm a LEADER?

  What happens when the heart centered entrepreneur, like you and me, shares our message to a wider audience? In addition to the increased income, abundance and freedom that comes with never having to search for clients, we are being the leaders we are destined to be. We allow the people we are meant to work with to find us easily, and they light up. They share their messages with their people who also light up, and on and on it goes making the whole world a better place one person at a time. It doesn't matter if you are an introvert; extrovert; always knew you wanted to be a leader; always shied away from leadership roles; young; old; new to business or a veteran at the work you do. All that matters is that you understand that the paradigm for what was considered leadership has changed… and tag… you're it! I’m not talking about the top down leadership you are accustomed to, this is not, I repeat, NOT… your grandfather’s idea of leadership! This is collaborative leadership or H