I have an announcement!

 It's been an interesting week so far and guys it's only Wednesday! 

Firstly, I had a significant car issue - (Yay! I'm gonna have to get a new car by the end of the week!) And then I woke up this morning with a flooded basement! (Wait a few minutes, I'm going to figure out the up side of this one soon :) 

I had asked the universe/ GOD/ Source/ Divine Beloved... however you choose to identify, to help me get better at handling contrast. I guess I'm having a few opportunities for practice? And in truth I have gratitude for that, even as I navigate the practical aspects and solutions.

Often in the mornings I'll pull a card from an oracle deck or a thought for the day deck, just to give me some positive inspiration for the day, well on a day like today I pulled three! May I share with you what I found the lessons for me to be?

My life theme is to help others through my experiences. I hope from my experience you too can have a clarifying experience.

This morning I pulled from the Sacred Rebels by Alana Fairchild. It's my favorite deck, and the first card I pulled talks about Dreaming A Beautiful Dream. What? I wasn't feeling the beauty of the dream in the moment I can honestly share that with you. My big take away from this card: There is beauty, synchronicity and potential in every situation even when we cannot immediately see it. My tendency is to find a solution, bend the world to my will, if you will! But the advice of the card today was a clear reminder to me: approach all things with a curious mind and an open heart, in approaching in this way we will find that the transformation that wants to be born is easier and faster and there is less suffering. I can lean into that! 

I pulled a second card Faith in the process and the message there was again focusing on maintaining a curious mind and open heart surrounding current events of my life! Curiouser and curiouser! The third card was a reminder that the next level of creativity that wants to flow through me requires my attention to selflove and selfcare like its my full time job... which TBQH it is :)

So as I sit here writing this and getting ready to see the last set of patients and then head out to look at 2 other cars so I can make a decision, As I make plans for drying my basement, I feel a light almost calm come over me. It's not great, I'm not whitewashing or emotionally bypassing, but rather I'm being with the what is. I'm maintaining a sense of curiosity around how the universe will resolve this one. I'm almost tempted to pull out my popcorn and watch this movie because it's about to get really good!

Oh and as for the announcement... 

Well you might have seen that the LPL Fall Summit Tickets are on sale now? Look If you've been to summit before you know there is magic in the room that I can't explain. I feel sometimes as though if I prepared no content and we all just got together we would still have our vibrations raised to the same amazing extent! That being said, I still went ahead and prepared an outstanding line up for all of us!

  I hope y’all will have a look at the details:

1) The lineup for presenters is stunning! You want to be in the room or virtual room with these ladies.

2) This is a LIVE (not recorded) summit and all the presenters are focused on giving you an experience, not talking at you or reading a bunch of slides 🤣 We want you to leave with transformation and implementation steps!

3) Our movement is focused on heart centered connections and collaboration and so you can be guaranteed to meet and rub elbows with other heart centered entrepreneurs who want to make a difference just like you!

4) You may meet your next best business bestie or collaboration partner!
There is more info at growsmarternotharder.com/ticket of course but if you have questions or concerns I’m so happy to chat with you 💬 just PM me!


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