How to find CLARITY to find your JOY in business?


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We took the summer off and now we are ready to rock and roll!

On this episode we feature Amy Flores-Young! She talks about getting clear to find your joy in business!


Who wants more clarity?

Who wants more joy?

Who wants a free gift?


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What a great conversation! Amy shared tips for business clarity and joy:


1)    1) Take a step back and consider your business as an individual: she needs self care just the same way you do


2)    2) Know your business mission, vision and values and explore any clarity you might need in any of these areas


3)    3) Do a weekly plan; set time aside to spend tuning in to your business. You could consider using cards to help you tune in or journaling if that’s something that feels right for you!


4)    4)  Always work with a business coach, but it’s not one size fits all. Determine what you need to work on in your business and get the coach that offers that thing, interview them to make sure it’s the right fit,


5)   5) Don’t just follow what others are doing



Bonus tip: Get clear on the types of clients that fill you with joy. Take on clients that feel good to work with and that feed the greater good as well. It’s not all about the money!!


Those were the take aways that I got! What stood out for you on the call today?


Will you share below 👇🏾

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