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Why is taking care of yourself the key to growing your business, and where exactly do we start?

 Click here for video Thanks so much for tuning in to the last mini-workshop video where both myself and special guest Gail Petrowsky shared that true deep self appreciation propels growth in our businesses. Gail shared a transformational homework exercise which I invited you to share over in the Ladies' Power Lunch Group. Today, we dive deeper. Why is taking care of yourself the key to growing your business and where exactly do we start? This is a practical show and so today we share several cool activities that you can implement to get off the bus to burnout and embrace the brilliance that your life and business can be. Today we share the stories of past clients who are just like you and me, and who have seen amazing transformations from implementing these simple techniques. At the end of our previous video we asked for feedback and we truly appreciate all your responses. Thank you. Some of our viewers from video 1 in this 4 video series noted that while they desire to focus o

Have you been approaching growing your businesses all wrong?

Click for video  I n our efforts to grow our businesses, climb the corporate ladder or build life changing not for profit organizations, very often we may feel as though the results from our efforts are not in direct correlation the the amount o effort we put in. Sometimes it seems as though we struggle with increasing our income impact reach and time freedom in a somewhat unexpected way. How do you grow our business smarter? Is there a better and surprisingly easier way? What is it and why should it mater to you no matter what area your vocation falls in? Today's guest says the answer is not what you think. She says that it is true that climbing the corporate ladder and/or growing a bigger better business, expanding reach and income at first glance seem to require certain business related skills. She points out however that there is something else at the core of every successful woman in business. Tune in as best selling author, therapist retreat leader and coach with over 30

LPL Monthly Networking Meeting 3rd Monday Monthly; Click the link below to join

   Retreat Info: Click HERE CLICK HERE For:  LPL Monthly Networking Meeting Hi Business Besties,  Please join us today for our LPL Monthly Networking Meeting: 3rd Monday Every Month! Every month we: Share who you are and what you do: Let everyone know about your business Join in on the monthly member match: Maybe you will find your next collaboration partner! Create more Balance, Boundaries, Beauty and Brilliance as your fellow member and expert workshop presenter facilitates a transformational session. And don't forget: We have officially opened up registration for the next " Live Your Optimal Life Transformational Destination Cruise Retreat." Growsmarternotharder.Com/retreat   Best regards, DrDavia and LYOL Retreat Team P .S. Remember . . . you don’t need to panic. We don’t expect to sell out immediately. However, if you want one of the ten remaining spots at our LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE self appreciation destination cruise retreat, then please don’t delay. They’re going

Happy Selflove Day ... and also can you do ME a favor?

Happy Galentine’s Day Dr. Davia here, Wishing you a lifetime filled with SELFLOVE! We’ll be sending your zoom info to join in on the next Ladies Power Lunch monthly networking meeting in just a little bit, so keep a look out for the email.  But first I need to ask you a favor please 🙏🏿  I’m excited to share that we are close to wrapping up planning for our long-awaited next Ladies Power Lunch Retreat!  I’m looking forward to sharing the details with you in March.  But before we do, I would love your feedback to help us plan the best retreat that will be most  impactful and beneficial for you.  Can you help us out? Please click on the link below to answer a few questions, it absolutely won’t take long to complete. Thank you in advance for your input. I truly appreciate it! You can answer the questions here (and get a little more detail on the retreat and stuff) at this link: . Thanks and best regards,  Davia PS: We are back! Coming Soon....