Have you been approaching growing your businesses all wrong?

 In our efforts to grow our businesses, climb the corporate ladder or build life changing not for profit organizations, very often we may feel as though the results from our efforts are not in direct correlation the the amount o effort we put in. Sometimes it seems as though we struggle with increasing our income impact reach and time freedom in a somewhat unexpected way.

How do you grow our business smarter? Is there a better and surprisingly easier way? What is it and why should it mater to you no matter what area your vocation falls in? Today's guest says the answer is not what you think. She says that it is true that climbing the corporate ladder and/or growing a bigger better business, expanding reach and income at first glance seem to require certain business related skills. She points out however that there is something else at the core of every successful woman in business. Tune in as best selling author, therapist retreat leader and coach with over 30 years experience: Gail Petrowsky unveils the secret every woman in business needs to know. If you want to grow your business smarter it starts with self. Developing a life lived in balance, holding compassionate boundaries, inviting more beauty and living more brilliantly lead to a business that is more in line with your desires, and it all starts with deep self appreciation. In this episode, Gail and I explore, using our combined 50 years of experience, how deep self appreciation can be life changing in all areas including business growth. Practical examples and some take away exercises at the end will set you firmly on the path of a brilliant life instead of a path leading to eventual burnout. Please watch along and then we invite you to join in on the discussion over in our free Facebook group for women in business: Growsmarternotharder.com/facebook This is an outstanding Self Appreciation, focused episode! Will you watch along? By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women in business- and a few supportive men. We work together to get more visible and to grow our businesses. TOGETHER. Join our community: - In our active and supportive free Facebook community called: LADIES POWER LUNCH, We are there having heartfelt and meaningful conversation every single day! - Would you like to know even more? Explode your impact & income with the power of COLLABORATION!!! Join us: growsmarternotharder.com/facebook - One more thing! We’re VERY close to finishing planning for our long-awaited Ladies' Power Lunch (LPL) destination transformational retreat.

We have been anticipating this for more than four years, (our last LPL retreat was to Bermuda in 2019 and we haven't had another one since because of the pandemic,) but we are finally going to wrap up planning and make it happen. We will be releasing info about it in early March. This retreat will be entirely focused on: “Be the Main Character In Your Life And Business.” It will include one - 4 day tropical retreat, (we are headed somewhere warm, sunny and fun;) four group calls, (scheduled monthly before and after the retreat to facilitate integration, community and accountability;) and one retreat journal/workbook to ensure implementation and integration. There will be 4 experts supporting the transformation: Gail Petrowsky, Master life coach and retreat leader for over 30 years and Dr. Davia H. Shepherd- collaboration expert and strategic expansion coach. We will also have two guest presenters: coaches Nadine Mullings and Jen Olivares. The four of us are going to share ALL of our combined expertise - EVERYTHING that we know about transforming to live the most fulfilled version of our lives in the areas of RELATIONSHIPS, SELFCARE and BUSINESS. We are going to share life changing tools to help you own your power, fine tune your life, alter the patterns that hold you back so that you can make 2024 your best year ever. HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything, send our workbooks to print and all that good stuff, we need to make sure we have covered everything. That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey.

Thanks so much!
Dr. Davia


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