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Ramblings from the Chrysalis: What if you could live your optimal life?

  The other day I had a little bit of a quandary. I got into office was changing into my scrubs and realized that my last pair of scrub bottoms, the draw string had receded back into the waistband of the pants. This was not a problem I had ever experienced before: New problem right? I changed back into my sweats and then engaged in mental gymnastics that would have made Einstein be impressed, as to how I was going to get the string back out. I tried quite a few ways to make it work none were successful. Now for those of you who are reading this who are seamstresses you know the answer to this quandary, but for me, forever the tomboy, the little girl who had always rebelled against anything to do with sewing or any such,  truly believe me I had no idea whatsoever. After trying a few failed attempts, I finally decided that I was going to have to get a pair of scissors, rip off the waistband and find the errant end. My plan was cut short by a simple conversation with Sandy. For those of y

Ramblings from the chrysalis: Thanks for being here

 I want to take a moment to say thanks for being here. For the past 8 years Ladies' Power Lunch (LPL) has been a safe space for collaboration, cooperation and networking for source centered entrepreneurs, heart led women in small business and female corporate leaders who know there is a different and better way. Through the power of collaboration and with the backing of the collective, our mission for the NEXT eight years is CLEAR! We have to spread the message of working together and working smarter, to build strong solid businesses that we are passionate about, businesses that through their ripple effects make the world better, one client at a time, one product at a time, one program at a time. As we support each other and grow our businesses with ease and grace, LPL's new and ongoing mission is to support women leaders, as we build effortless abundance where it can do the most good and provide the most benefits throughout our communities  - and may I go so far as to say the

Ramblings from the chrysalis: Mastering your money mindset

 In my honest opinion, life is all about evolution and all about just growing and changing. Learning new things, failing, learning, succeeding learning, having experiences, learning... You get the point right? Did I mention learning? One of my favorite things about our LPL group is diversity. There are women, and a few source led men. There are older entrepreneurs, retirees, people just starting out, veterans in the work world, corporate leaders, people thinking about making the jump from corporate. All sorts of perspectives, orientations, races, classes, colors and creeds. My favorite thing is that we are all here and we are all committed to working together because we get it. We understand that for this life to truly deliver its best promises, moving ahead on our own steam will only take us so far, we get it that the richness of the diversity that is available within the collective that is LPL can serve as the most amazing catalyst for life, for evolution and for learning. All this c