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Top 10 summer selfcare mistakes and the easy solutions!

Summer is my absolute favorite favorite season, it just seems to go by way too fast!💨 Every season has its self care challenges. 🥲When it comes to summer, Many of us, myself included, pack our summer schedules so tight there is no breathing room!  We can end up taking care of everyone and everything, and not making time for our own Selfcare. 🧘🏿‍♀️We plan day trips and vacations, because the kids are finally out of school. Then there are all the barbecues and family visits that pop up here and there; and of course there are all the outdoor activities and  opportunities that we just have to participate in, because folks… 🥶WINTER IS COMING 🤣🤣🤣 So what do we do? How do we take advantage of all the amazingness that is summer without loosing track of our Selfcare? How do we have the most BEAUTIFUL summer while staying in BALANCE ?  Here are my top 10 tips for an amazing Selfcare focused summer! 1. Schedule your summer morning mindfulness routine🧘🏿‍♀️ My summer schedule is differen

Top 10 ways to Live Your Optimal Life even when on FAMILY VACATION this summer

It's almost officially summer, but unofficially all the signs are already here. We are headed into our first super hot week, the pools in the northeast are open, barbecues are popping up everywhere, and many schools are already either out, or about to be out. It's that time of year when a lot of us get together with family, extended family, sometimes even as multigenerational groups and head off on long awaited family vacations. Many of us do not take a lot of time away, and so we budget time, and a pretty penny to make these family vacation trips enjoyable. But, as we discussed last week, often summer vacations with family, friends or even as a couple, can leave us feeling drained and in need of a vacation from our vacation.  The great news is that there are things that we can do to make our family vacations more optimal and less draining. It is possible to return to our lives and businesses refreshed, even when we have multiple responsibilities (like caretaking children or ol

The top 10 signs that YOU need a retreat NOW!

  Life is short... Live it on your own terms🚢 🚢The top 10 reasons you need to go on retreat Women in business are usually the most hard working over scheduled women on the planet! They take care of their families and /or their extended families. They spend time nurturing and focused on all the relationships in their lives, and of course they are committed to growing their business and serving their clients… We as women in business are amazing! We are indeed the true definition of super woman! But… Often when it comes to taking care of self, we sometimes leave ourselves off our own list!  For many of us even when we take a “vacation,” it’s just a location change. We take the time care and effort to do what it takes to put our businesses on hold for a week or so. Often burning the candle at both ends in the weeks leading up to our time off. We get everyone in our travel party ready for the vacation, often taking on the role of travel agent, vacation planner, concierge. We get everyone