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When things go wrong, are we learning the lessons?

Who starts an international women's group totally unintentionally?  Me. That would be me.  When I follow where spirit leads, the results are without fail more than I could imagine. I share the super hero origin story of Ladies’ Power Lunch (LPL) often, so sing along if you have heard it before: Many years ago I invited six of my friends, all women in business, to get together for lunch. We had little in common, but none of that mattered, because when women get together with positive purpose, amazing things happen. Everyone came to the table with an intention to be supportive; Not because they were thinking of what they could get, but just because they wanted to help. At the end of lunch everyone left with something she needed, and the LPL group was born. The energy associated with our incorporation was truly aligned. Our LPL group offerings include: networking/collaboration meetings, collaboration summits and retreats for our members. I am at my very highest vibration while del

How to avoid burnout and be brilliant? Here are five simple steps!

When I was filling in my paperwork for Ladies' Power Lunch, the free women's group that I host, I was asked for my designation. What did I want to say my role is in our organization? I thought about this long and hard. I could be CEO, president, founder... none of these titles fit just right for me. Then I realized that I could make up my own designation, and so I did! I am officially the CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICER of LPL. For those of you who know me well and know how goofy I am IRL, you might chalk this up to me just being goofy me; And it is true that I love to inject a little FUN in everything I do, but me choosing this title goes deeper. A long time ago I was driving in my car and found myself having an existential dilemma. I found myself with some unheard of free time and I started to try to fill this time and couldn't remember what I found to be fun, fulfilling or life affirming, what I wanted to do that was just for me . Short version of this very long story: I had jus

Three tips for getting visible in a crowded media landscape

You've heard the joke: Everyone and their grandmother has a podcast.  It's funny because it's true! With us being relegated to being more socially distant over the last two years or so, more people have resorted to marketing their businesses on line. Add to that more folks leaving the traditional workforce and starting their own business. Some folks who may have barely known how to turn on their computers before all this started have now turned into social media influencers and sensations!  For the heart centered entrepreneur, more people on line can at first feel like a hinderance instead of the boon that it truly is! Here are three outstanding ways to stand out in an organic, intentional and aligned way even in a crowded online environment: 1) Explore and master the fundamentals / basics of marketing your business: - Be sure you are networking with others who can support your business growth. Tremendous opportunities exist online and now quite a few in person events are o

How to boost your Q2 bottom line? Use these three resources!

How to boost your Q2 bottom line with three free resources? Just last week, I was talking to one of our members who is a marketing expert and on many occasions she has given me SAGE advice that yielded tremendous results. When she speaks I listen. OK, if you must know, it was my friend and I think she is also a friend of yours: Prati Kaufman. Anywhoo... Prati reached out to me out of the blue and said: "I love what you are doing with LPL, but I have to say there is so much here that members may be getting lost in the content, they may not be getting the full impact of the amazing resources that are available." Y'all she is not wrong. There is so much here! Someone savvy who wanted to grow her business could take advantage of all this and be practically guaranteed success!  Who might want to check this out? This might be for you: -If you feel strongly about the business that you are in, -If you feel as though you have a message to share with the world. -Also for you if y

How to have an outstanding Q2?

  "Share a quote that embodies your intention for Q2! Why is this meaningful for you?" Welcome to Q2 and congratulations! As we continue on our journeys to share the messages we are here to share, while striving to live our optimal lives, we come across these time markers that give us an opportunity to evaluate and if necessary course correct.  I just spent some time in deep introspection coming off of LPL Spring Summit, where some things went really well and in full disclosure, some things went NOT SO WELL! All part of my human experience... am I right? I'd love to hear from you: What went well in Q1 that you will continue going forward? What intentions do you have for Q2? Feel free to respond below! And / Or comment over in our Facebook group. I'd love to hear what you are up to. One last thing:  I have a FREE offer for you: Take advantage of the free LPL Visibility Course:  To move beyond being the world's best kept secret, go to https://growsmarternotharder