How to boost your Q2 bottom line? Use these three resources!

How to boost your Q2 bottom line with three free resources?

Just last week, I was talking to one of our members who is a marketing expert and on many occasions she has given me SAGE advice that yielded tremendous results. When she speaks I listen. OK, if you must know, it was my friend and I think she is also a friend of yours: Prati Kaufman.

Anywhoo... Prati reached out to me out of the blue and said: "I love what you are doing with LPL, but I have to say there is so much here that members may be getting lost in the content, they may not be getting the full impact of the amazing resources that are available."

Y'all she is not wrong. There is so much here! Someone savvy who wanted to grow her business could take advantage of all this and be practically guaranteed success! 

Who might want to check this out? This might be for you:

-If you feel strongly about the business that you are in,

-If you feel as though you have a message to share with the world.

-Also for you if you want more ease and flow in your marketing and want to make more organic, really meaningful connections.

-And of course, if you are in a growth phase in your business and want more reach and income then you will benefit!

Here are the top three free LPL resources that you could be utilizing more fully to boost your Q2 bottom line:

1) Join and participate in an active way with the Ladies' Power Lunch Facebook Community. I see you about to scroll away, but before you do hear me out. There is a lot here to explore, like:

  • Daily accountability prompts: these can shine a light on areas in your business and your life that might need a little TLC.
  • Opportunities to share about your business and connect with other business owners/ members: Usually Wednesdays and Saturdays, get visible following the prompts that invite you to share in a creative way that encourages others to read and engage with your info!
  • Once weekly business growth and personal development sessions: Join in on Fridays on Facebook live where we get an expert to answer your questions on the topics you need to grow your business. (Plus you may win a prize!)

2) Attend  the FREE LPL Monthly Networking Meeting: 12:30 PM EST/ 9:30 AM PST on the 3rd Monday of each month.

  • Share about your business
  • Maybe win a prize
  • Join in on an outstanding business growth or personal development workshop
  • Be a part of the monthly member match
  • Develop and brainstorm your action plan for the month
  • Find your next collaboration partner/ accountability partner
  • Check out the LPL networking portal and create your profile

3) Free OnDemand LPL resources: Looking for specific information, inspiration or transformation in a particular subject area?

  • Watch the: "Grow your business... Smarter!" TV show on the Win-Win-Women Network. Our experts share their know how with you.
  • Tune in to the Ladies' Power Lunch Podcast when you are on the go.
  • The Ladies' Power Lunch YouTube channel has a comprehensive archive of topics important to the woman in business.
  • The Ladies' Power Lunch Blog hosts articles focused on aiding your business growth and personal transformation.
  • The LPL Grow Smarter Handbook: A free guide to getting the most out of LPL plus daily accountability prompts.

BONUS) Take advantage of the free LPL Visibility Course: To move beyond being the world's best kept secret, go to

What I truly believe is that if the desire is born within us, the means to achieve it exists in our field of view. We just might not be looking in the direction  of our desired solution. I challenge you: Participate fully with these resources over the next month and then report back to me sharing your results? I look forward to hearing from you!



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