Three tips for getting visible in a crowded media landscape

You've heard the joke: Everyone and their grandmother has a podcast. 

It's funny because it's true! With us being relegated to being more socially distant over the last two years or so, more people have resorted to marketing their businesses on line. Add to that more folks leaving the traditional workforce and starting their own business. Some folks who may have barely known how to turn on their computers before all this started have now turned into social media influencers and sensations! 

For the heart centered entrepreneur, more people on line can at first feel like a hinderance instead of the boon that it truly is! Here are three outstanding ways to stand out in an organic, intentional and aligned way even in a crowded online environment:

1) Explore and master the fundamentals / basics of marketing your business:

- Be sure you are networking with others who can support your business growth. Tremendous opportunities exist online and now quite a few in person events are opening up! Focus on authentic connecting as you get out there.

- As you build your lists, have real conversations with real people. Make your focus quality engagement over quantity. Those are the connections that ring the cash register.

- Make sure your on line presence reflects your true personality and remain consistent.

- Embrace your authentic marketing style. Own your magic, that special thing that makes you you... And share your stories in service of the work you do.

2) Transform your visibility mindset

- Sometimes to get to the next level, we have to change the way we think about things, undergo a transformation or shift in our mindset. Take some time to go within and examine your truest beliefs about success. What are your thought on the ease of getting visible? Who are the people or characteristics that you associate with visibility? What is your comfort zone and how does the idea of stretching outside of that make you feel?

- Spend some time considering your attitudes towards money. Could your money mindset use some expansion? Could the way you approach money be holding you back?

- Consider the idea of collaboration. We know that when we work together in an aligned way that we see faster results that are greater than the sum of their parts. As you expand your visibility mindset, consider the part a collaboration mindset may play in your growth.

3) Explore leadership level/ quantum visibility strategies

- Sharing your story can help your clients find you. Explore the idea of becoming a best selling author to increase your presence and authority in the marketplace.

- Speaking is one of the best ways to get in front of many people at once who likely want what you have to offer. Opportunities for virtual and in person speaking are everywhere. Take advantage of them.

- Everyone and her mother has a podcast. Perhaps you should have one too? Hosting a podcast or web show allows you to be a leader in the general conversation in a way that could transform your visibility significantly.

- As you explore other options, don't forget PR. News outlets and major shows are constantly looking for content and you could be just what they are looking for right now. A PR win could catapult your visibility into the stratosphere with very little effort.

- Hosting your own retreats or events allows you to exhibit leadership and be visible in a tremendous way and is absolutely worthy of consideration.

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