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Once Upon A Time: The LPL Story

The LPL 2022 Mission: Getting You In Front Of to 20-50,000 of your optimal clients, in a Targeted Heart Centered Way Our Ladies Power Lunch group started from humble beginnings. I had left the warm embrace of corporate and entered into the world of being a small business owner. I very quickly became disillusioned with the traditional ways that people suggested for networking, and so I invited a group of six heart-centered women in business to have lunch with me at a Ruby Tuesday on Route 6 in Bristol, Connecticut. When women get together something magical happens. They tap into a wisdom that we have known for millennia and they support each other, not because they expect to get something in return but because they are women, they are there, and they can. At the table on that first day it was a true power lunch! Connections were made, support was given, we laughed, we cried and then we decided that this had to be a part of our lives going forward. It was just too valuable to be a one