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5 Reasons You Can Expect More For 2020

Welcome to 2020. We are approaching the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the 2nd quarter rather rapidly. How are your new year resolutions shaping up so far? Are first quarter plans still on track? Is there any way to make the second quarter even more amazing than we could even dream? Here are 5 reasons why you should have high expectations for 2020. Lean into the possibility with ease and grace and watch 2020 be your best year yet! And so it is... 1) New Year Every day, every moment really, is an opportunity to change, to do things differently and to begin to see outcomes that are vastly different and tremendously improved compared to what previously was our norm. As Eckhart Tolle says, there is incredible power in the moment of now. It was so profound that he even wrote a whole book about it! That being said though, most of us don't routinely look to each moment as our opportunity to make a change. Let's be realistic: Traditionally, we wait fo

Selling in alignment transforms your business

  Expert Sales trainer Liz Dederer  Talks about transforming our businesses by transforming the way we approach sales Click for Video> I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those people who loves sales. As a matter of fact, I neither want to sell anything nor be sold to. Sooooo, when I went into private practice, my intention was just to join our practice, put my name on the door and expect that patients would show up. Needless to say, that was not how it played out. Most of us can relate to this.  Most of us are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners, working in the businesses that we love. I would go out on a limb to say that most of us did not go to business school, the majority of us don't have MBA's and many of us get a sickening dread deep in the pits of our stomachs when it comes to selling our services, products etc. ...And we are not wrong to feel that way, because the sort of sales that we have been exposed to in the past

Top 5 Things to Consider When Attending An Event

I attend a lot of conferences, retreats, continuing medical education seminars, workshops... You name it, if there is something out there that I need to learn, i'm the kind of person who does not hesitate. I fancy myself a life long learner and can often be heard saying things like: " If I lived 1000 years, I still wouldn't learn all the things I am interested in." That being said, with time constraints and sometimes even budgetary concerns, one does have to pick and choose the events to attend. There are a few questions I ask myself when I'm deciding on whether or not an event is for me, and I'd love to share my top five with you: #5 Networking - It's who knows you I'm a small business owner, like many of you who are our readers, and so I have to be strategic when it comes to getting the word out about what I offer. Just like you, I want to provide the best service to the people who are looking for my gifts and talents, and I want to