Tuesday, February 25, 2020

5 Reasons You Can Expect More For 2020

Welcome to 2020. We are approaching the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the 2nd quarter rather rapidly. How are your new year resolutions shaping up so far? Are first quarter plans still on track? Is there any way to make the second quarter even more amazing than we could even dream?

Here are 5 reasons why you should have high expectations for 2020. Lean into the possibility with ease and grace and watch 2020 be your best year yet! And so it is...

1) New Year

Every day, every moment really, is an opportunity to change, to do things differently and to begin to see outcomes that are vastly different and tremendously improved compared to what previously was our norm. As Eckhart Tolle says, there is incredible power in the moment of now. It was so profound that he even wrote a whole book about it!

That being said though, most of us don't routinely look to each moment as our opportunity to make a change. Let's be realistic: Traditionally, we wait for landmarks, like a new  month, or a new quarter or even a new year, to start to think about effecting improvement or transformation. And so the majority of us make new year resolutions and many of us stick with them, even for a while, and see outstanding results.

Since, as a society we respond really well to, at least starting new things at specific times, go ahead and have high expectations for 2020, because it is a new year. It's still pretty early in the year. If you haven't made resolutions, set goals or planned accomplishments, there is still time to ride the wave of the new year to your amazing success.

Go ahead and day dream a little, imagine what it will feel like when you achieve your big audacious 2020 goal. Imagine it in as great detail as you can, and know that there is no time like 2020 to get started on being the version of you in your daydream.

2) New Decade

I know, I know! Please, don't all send me emails at once. It depends on how you count your decade whether you consider 2020 or 2021 to be the actual start of the new decade. Let's assume that you count 2020 as the beginning of a new decade. Let's face it y'all, not to be grim, but we only get a few decades each lifetime. That's why most of us look at the start of a new decade as a momentous occasion, an opportunity for reflection and a chance to start fresh and new. It's an opportunity to lean into longer term goals. Where are we seeing ourselves in the next 10 years.

With 2020 being the beginning of a new decade, take a minute to close your eyes and really feel into what you would, in the ideal world, like the next 10 years to look like for you. Really feel into what you would like your health, finances, work life and relationships to be. Think about why you want the things you want and really appreciate that with 10 years to play with, and truly believing and acting from inspiration, these goals are on their way to being achieved.     

3) Leap Year

It just gets better and better. Not only is this the start of a new year and a new decade, but it's also a leap year! How often have we asked for more time in the day, more time in a week or even more time in the year? Guess what lovely readers, this year our prayers have been answered and we have an extra 24 hours, an extra 1,440 minutes, an extra 86,400 seconds, basically an extra day this year. Don't forget that 2020 is special in this regard because we will NOT have another year like this for the next 4 years!

What are we going to do with all this extra time? Might I suggest that this year may be the year to increase your meditation practice, spend a little more time on your health and wellness and on your own self care?

True, it's just a symbol, but if we use this idea of extra time, to put our own needs on the schedule, just a little more often, a little more of the time, we will by default end up closer to our goals, dreams and aspirations.

4) Number Significance

For all you math whizzes out there, you are probably shouting into your computer: "How could you fail to mention the numerical significance of 2020." Rest assured, I did not forget, my math game is not as strong as it used to be, but I have thought about it. :)

Here is the thing. We only see these repetitive number patterns once every century or so. The next time we will see the repetitive number patterns like this will probably be 2121? Is there some cosmic significance to this? Are we blessed to be living in this time? Should we be making the most of this year just in case? Are there special opportunities?

Hmm... Interesting.

5) Spiritual Significance

Some of us may dabble a little into numerology or angel numbers and that sort of thing. I'm not an expert in this area by any means, but I've been listening. Some experts are suggesting that 2020 has special significance. Some of the gurus have opined that 2020 is a special year when it comes to being able to achieve life goals. The suggestion is, that during this year we will be most successful if we are more aware than ever before of amazing ideas and impulses that may be coming to us. We are advised to remain optimistic even when things aren't looking the best, and to be open to the guidance that is coming moment by moment when we are in flow. There also seems to be some significance with regards to relationships, compassion, faith and trust.

If you are like me, the kind of person who does not know as much about this sort of thing, you might be a little skeptical. I'd say, don't dismiss this stuff out of hand, but maybe think of it from this point of view? If we dream these big dreams for our future and we stay tuned in to the ideas coming to us, perhaps capturing them in some way, writing them down or recording them, there could be some real gold there. And as for relationships: What relationship, whether it's with your pet, your family or your partner, what relationship wouldn't benefit from a little compassion, faith and trust?

6) Bottom Line

No matter what our beliefs, we all have goals dreams and aspirations. We all have things we would love to transform during this year. It could be something at work, it could be a relationship that we'd love to have or have be better, it could be our health or self care or it could be just basic finances and time. Whatever it is that you want to see shift, believe in the possibility. Believe in the opportunity that 2020 is bringing us. let's start the new year and new decade right. let's make the best use of the time we have this year. Let's look for opportunity wherever we find them and let's tune in to the ideas and coincidences that are showing up for us this year like never before. Let us use all our tools and skills and a little bit of magic, let's use it all to our advantage to make 2020 our best year yet.

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Selling in alignment transforms your business

Expert Sales trainer Liz Dederer 
Talks about transforming our businesses by transforming the way we approach sales

I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those people who loves sales. As a matter of fact, I neither want to sell anything nor be sold to. Sooooo, when I went into private practice, my intention was just to join our practice, put my name on the door and expect that patients would show up. Needless to say, that was not how it played out.

Most of us can relate to this.  Most of us are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners, working in the businesses that we love. I would go out on a limb to say that most of us did not go to business school, the majority of us don't have MBA's and many of us get a sickening dread deep in the pits of our stomachs when it comes to selling our services, products etc.

...And we are not wrong to feel that way, because the sort of sales that we have been exposed to in the past has had perhaps a "sleazy used car salesman" energy. (No offence if your business is selling used cars btw :)

That's why I found Liz's approach to sales to be so refreshing. Selling with service and in alignment, now that is something that I can get behind! That is the sort of selling, that since I've started working with Liz, has kept my book full with amazing heart filling clients.

I'm excited to shine the light on Liz and to share her gifts and talents with our community as one of our many LPL - guides, gurus, experts and speakers. Liz helps us transform our businesses by transforming our sales mindset.

One more thing, I have a gift for you:

Click for Free Prenote: Listen in to our free webinar with Prenote Speaker Felicia Searcy. The topic is:

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Top 5 Things to Consider When Attending An Event

I attend a lot of conferences, retreats, continuing medical education seminars, workshops... You name it, if there is something out there that I need to learn, i'm the kind of person who does not hesitate. I fancy myself a life long learner and can often be heard saying things like: " If I lived 1000 years, I still wouldn't learn all the things I am interested in."

That being said, with time constraints and sometimes even budgetary concerns, one does have to pick and choose the events to attend. There are a few questions I ask myself when I'm deciding on whether or not an event is for me, and I'd love to share my top five with you:

#5 Networking - It's who knows you

I'm a small business owner, like many of you who are our readers, and so I have to be strategic when it comes to getting the word out about what I offer. Just like you, I want to provide the best service to the people who are looking for my gifts and talents, and I want to make it amazingly easy for them to find me. If i'm attending an event where there is an opportunity for making high quality connections with people who may need my services, people who may be great partners for collaboration and people that I can refer to or use their services, then I would chose that event. It's interesting: You could attend an event where you collect 500 business cards and not make one true connection and then there are those events, where the mood has already been set for collaboration and sharing of ideas and resources. In those environments, even if you only make one connection, it could be the one that sustains your business for years and years to come.

#4 The investment and value - Quality VS quantity

Did I mention that I go to a lot of events? In October of every year, we set up a budget for events for the following year. I have to balance among the mandatory CME credited events, events for certifications and or training as well as business growth and personal development. There are a lot of events to chose among and prices can range from less than $100 to a few thousand dollars. When allocating budget, I usually consider the return on the investment: Am I going to connect with resources that will translate to business growth? It could be hearing a speaker on a topic that helps me perform better in life/ business, I could learn a new skill, or it could be knowing I have the opportunity to make connections I wouldn't otherwise make. At the end of the day, making the decision for me is more about the quality of the event and less about the price tag. I'd rather go to two events that fulfill my most important needs than attend 10 just to fill my networking calendar.

#3 Workshop Vs Lecture - Getting my hands in the clay

One of my favorite mentors says: "Words don't teach but experience is worth everything." This sums up how I learn. I suppose sitting in a lecture style situation is OK, however if I am really hoping to integrate something, to really be able to go back into the office on the following day and start implementing, then having some hands on workshop style learning is truly helpful for me. That explains why when I'm looking at choosing events to attend, if i'm planning on learning something, then workshops are my choice.

#2 Presenters and organizers - Who on earth are these people anyway?

You want to know that the people who are teaching you something actually know what they are talking about. They don't have to be the biggest names in the business. The truth is some of the best events I've been to have featured people i'd never heard about before and who I continue to follow to this day because they are just outstanding. That being said, in order for me to appreciate their credibility, they need to have a strong resume in the area that they are speaking on. Even though it obviously helps the decision if I've seen them speak before, if the conference provides a way for you to get to know the newer speakers ahead of the event through articles, free gifts, videos, webinars and that sort of thing, then I can more easily make my decision about attending. There are also some conferences that I make an effort to attend every year. I trust the organizers because over the years, they have brought us quality, fresh, new topical information and experiences. I actually look forward to the next one once the last one is done!

#1 Focus of the event - Do I even care about this topic?

I'm a physician and optimal life coach, who runs her own business. Whew! That really broadens the scope of the types of conferences and events that I will attend. But, while I might start doing my happy dance when I see that there is a conference on the Neurological Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy, (An actual conference I attended last year by the way, ) you might not feel that same interest. So truly, in my opinion, the most important thing that I consider when choosing a conference is: Does it float my boat? Is the focus of the event something that is important to me. I've discovered though that sometimes you get value where you never expected it, so keep an open mind. I'll give an example: last year I attended an event focused on social media influencers. I went because it was what all the cool kids were doing, but I wasn't expecting much. Was I wrong, I learned so much about social media in general and about the exactly how to work with an influencer, in a way that translated to value in my business. Meanwhile, that marketing seminar that had all the big name speakers, well, lets say I could have just dusted off my marketing 101 text book... Nothing new to see there.

#BONUS - The  Fun Factor

Is the event fun? I know what you are thinking: "Why is fun even a consideration, I mean we are talking conferences here!" I understand where you are coming from, I truly do. And I will just say this: If I have to chose between two equivalent events, I'm choosing the one that looks like more fun. Sure we are grown ups and business focused, but our lives are so much richer when we spend more time being happy, having fun and looking for high vibration activities to participate in.

The bottom line is, If you are looking to advance your business you are going to want to make room in your budget for conferences and events. If you chose wisely, looking at the focus of the event, the presenters and organizers, the style, the investment and the opportunities for connection, then you can make your conference budget show significant return.

Here are some events I plan on attending soon:

- Ladies Power Lunch Presents: Transformation 2020 (Full disclosure, this is my event so I've got to be there. I invite you to attend upcoming LPL events : just click here for information!)

- The Art Of Showing Up (Already got my ticket and it was soooo good last time that I got tickets for friends as well!)

- eWomen Success Summitt (Also already got my ticket!)

Happy networking. See you out there.

Dr. Davia
CHO Ladies Power Lunch
(CHO = Chief Happiness Officer)