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Top 10 things to do 4 weeks prior to your LPL LYOL Cruise Retreat

  Top 10 things to do 4 weeks prior to Live Your Optimal Life RETREAT! You have made the decision to prioritize yourself and to spend time focusing on life BALANCE, compassionate BOUNDARIES, BEAUTY of life and living a more BRILLIANT life. You recognize the benefits of doing this kind of work for all women in business. Congrats on choosing you. The hard part is over; Now it’s time to get ready for the LYOL cruise retreat! Getting ready for your retreat can be tons of fun! There is lots that you can do now to make your retreat even better; and of course, the anticipation can be truly enjoyable. Here are my top ten suggestions for things to do when you are 4 weeks away from your sail date, plus a few bonus tips, because who doesn’t love a great bonus?  At the end will you weigh in? What are the tips you agree with? What tips do you have that we haven’t included? Please do leave a comment. 1. Check your travel documents and passports asap! Make sure all is up to date. Check your trave