Top 10 things to do 4 weeks prior to your LPL LYOL Cruise Retreat


Top 10 things to do 4 weeks prior to Live Your Optimal Life RETREAT!

You have made the decision to prioritize yourself and to spend time focusing on life BALANCE, compassionate BOUNDARIES, BEAUTY of life and living a more BRILLIANT life. You recognize the benefits of doing this kind of work for all women in business. Congrats on choosing you. The hard part is over; Now it’s time to get ready for the LYOL cruise retreat!

Getting ready for your retreat can be tons of fun! There is lots that you can do now to make your retreat even better; and of course, the anticipation can be truly enjoyable. Here are my top ten suggestions for things to do when you are 4 weeks away from your sail date, plus a few bonus tips, because who doesn’t love a great bonus? 

At the end will you weigh in? What are the tips you agree with? What tips do you have that we haven’t included? Please do leave a comment.

1. Check your travel documents and passports asap! Make sure all is up to date. Check your travel arrangements; tickets; pre cruise hotel bookings if applicable; cruise port shuttle service if applicable. Go ahead and upload things to your Apple Wallet if you like to do that. Make sure you have all you need and that everything is in order! 

2. If you need medication refills get that in motion now.

3. Attend the LIVE YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE Pre- Retreat sessions and do the homework! You get pre work sessions before this retreat. The work is truly important. If you miss a workshop there will be a recording but I invite you to take advantage of the energy of the live sessions if at all possible.

4. Shop!!! (Pro tip: be sure to try stuff on and break in shoes ahead of time.) Say "Yes!" to the retreat wardrobe refresh if that feels right for you… or those fun TJ Maxx runs! Do you! Enjoy… 😉 But more importantly I’m thinking about dollar store/ Target run items: things like packing cubes and shrink bags, travel sized items or containers. OTC and first aid necessities… I’ll share my RETREAT packing list PLUS my CRUISE packing pro list soon!!! Watch for that!!! 

5. Download your cruise ship’s bag tag!! You know it’s getting close when you get that bag tag email!!! Watch for the email with your baggage tag and print the tag off! You will get a special fun LPL bag tag holder in your retreat swag, if you would like to, you may use it for your cruise bag tag. Be sure to affix this to your bags AFTER you get off your flight and BEFORE you get to the ship terminal! 

6. Explore the cruise app; book things that you want to enjoy on the retreat. Sometimes there are deals that open up so check back often and know that many things can be cancelled if you change your mind. You may be able to cancel for a refund before you set sail so stay on top of things like that.

7. This tip may be one of my favorites: Check out YouTube videos and the map of the ship layout. There is so much you can research ahead of time! 

8. Focus on your health and wellness. Traveling even for a retreat can be a bit stressful! 😥 during the weeks leading up to the retreat lets focus on our mental health and self care; our fitness and wellness and our nutrition, sleep and hydration. Really take the time to prioritize you!!! 

9. Expect a little disruption in your life right now. Often around the thing you most want to work on on retreat! It already started for me! I need most to work on compassionate boundaries and I have been seeing opportunities to test that showing up quite a bit! Some folks call it the breakdown before the breakthrough. The important thing is to be aware. If there are any issues that we can help with please privately message us and we will be so happy to hold your concern with love and kindness.

10. Start making your packing list and well, start packing! Go ahead! Pull out that suitcase and start putting in things you know you will need! Every time you do so feel the energy of the trip! Breathe in, breathe out and enjoy the fact that you will soon be on retreat! This makes the packing process more enjoyable and helps take away the last minute packing blues! 

11. Bonus Packing Pro Tip: Explore your reef friendly sunscreen options. Test less familiar brands to make sure you are not allergic. Once you have narrowed down your choice, put your chosen sunscreen in a Ziplock and put it in your suitcase! You do not want to forget your sun glasses, hat, sunscreen and if you use one your rashgards. 

12. Bonus Collaboration Pro Tip: Connect with the other attendees! Feel free to post in the messenger group connecting with each other and introducing yourselves! If you have never met your roommate, feel free to PM them and get to know them better! If you have questions, concerns or things you just aren’t sure about, post in the messenger group and your LYOL Retreat Team will try our best to find you the best answer or solution! 

13. Bonus "Don't wait Till Last Minute," Tip: Need a house sitter? Pet sitter? Now is a good time to explore and schedule!

14. Bonus "More FUN Tips," Tip: Tip jar! Gratuities are already included in your retreat, this is our gift to you! You may however want to give someone a tip for exceptional service or you may want to have some cash in hand in small bills! Over this month, every day unload your small bills into  a jar: $1, $5, $10 will come in handy for things like tipping baggage handlers, buying souvenirs…etc. I’ve done this a bunch of times and on one vacation my tip jar ended up having close to $1000! 🤩

15. Absolutely Important Bonus Tip: Have fun! Preparing for the retreat is as much fun as the retreat itself, so over the next month smile and think of the ocean! 🌊 

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