Don't scroll past this is important heartfelt gift from me to you

 I have a gift for you.

So often we see so many "GIFTS," "FREEBIES," "GIVEAWAYS," etc. that have us saying: 

"Oh, OK, no one wants that!" As we scroll past. 

In a world where there is so much competing for our attention, the random free gift offer often gets overlooked. That's why I am inviting you to actually STOP, take a minute and please accept this heartfelt gift from me and the Ignite Your Leadership team to you. You know I love collaboration so it's no surprise that I've collaborated with some of my amazing friends to bring this free gift bundle to you!

Who is this for?

This is for you if you are a woman in business, a professional, a healer, leader, speaker, author, guru, coach or teacher. If you are someone who does work that uplifts others, then you are a leader and this beautifully curated gift is for you.

Why do you want this? 

Are you a heart centered person in business who wants to make a difference? Do you have a message to share that you believe the world would be better for hearing? Do you see the value of getting your message to a wider audience? Well if you answered Yes to any of these craftily designed questions :) then you want this gift, because this 100% free ift from our hearts to yours will help you achieve all these things

What is this so called gift anyway?

Often we want to make a change in our lives or in our businesses, we look for the resources, the exactly how, the roadmap, the blueprint, the treasure map... to get from where we are to where we want to be. And often we have all the tools we need somewhere in our life but we may just not have recognized the tool, or perhaps worse, we saw it and overlooked it! This gift solves that conundrum. It's a bundle of 16 premium courses, tools, to help you with personal development and business growth. And the best bit? They are resources worth over $1500+ FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

What's in it for you

You get resources that can help you implement, integrate and transform your life and your business, saving you that precious resource: TIME! Time is a fleeting concept in the world of the heart-centered entrepreneur.

​We have so many ideas, we want to help all the people we can, and we want to increase our impact and our income… but finding the time (or energy) to do it all is next to impossible.

​This is why when I come across a way to help you make more of an impact with ease and flow without having to keep piling on more work, I can’t wait to share it with you.

What's in it for us?

Well, here's the deal: We are just like you! We are also heart centered entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. We also want to share our work with people who will find it beneficial! So all in all this is a Win-Win!

So will you accept our gift to you? Click Here.

  • What free gifts are available in this bundle?

The free gifts available in this Ignite Your Leadership bundle are courses, tools, and resources worth over $1500+! The gifts are perfectly aligned for the heart-centered entrepreneur who's looking to grow her business with ease and flow including:

• Retreat Profit Calculator by Amy Flores-Young

• Magic Sales Page Checklist by Barb Pritchard

• Discovering Your Prologue by Brittany Quagan

• Goal-Setting & Goal-Getting by Cristal L. Cook, LCSW

• Grow Smarter: Answer the Call Visibility Summit Bonuses by Dr. Davia Shepherd

• Publishing Guide to Getting Your Book to Print by Elizabeth Hill

• Love Letters Workbook by Joan Wilson

• A Healthy Priorities Guide by Kathleen Troy

• Are You Planning or Manifesting? by Kelly McCarthy

• Ignite Your Purpose Worksheet by Leslie Gomez

• 6 Hidden Treasures for Book Content by Mary Ann Pack

• Setting Boundaries to Live Your Ideal Life by Pat Alva-Kraker

• Inspired Living Method Habit Tracker by Rosemary King

• Live Your Purpose Workbook by Soribel Martinez

• 5 Key Website Photos Every Business Owner Needs by Teresa Hnat

  • How does this bundle work?

1: Enter your first name and email address into the form on this page to sign up.

2: Check your email and click the secret link to access the free gift page.

3: Once on the free gift page, you can choose as many of the gifts as you like by clicking the "Claim this free gift" button. The button will take you to the expert's page where you can enter your info and claim your free gift!

  • What does it cost to access this gift bundle?

The gift bundle access is FREE! No credit card is needed to gain access. Just enter in your information (first name and email address) and you'll get the secret link via email! All of the gifts from our contributing experts are free as well!


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