How to be an unbreakable introverted entrepreneur?


How to be an unbreakable introverted entrepreneur? With International Best Selling Author Jen Jones

Jen, our special guest today, is the author of the book Intropreneur: Strategies to build your business as an introverted entrepreneur.

On today's show she shares so much gold around what we need to do to be Unbreakable in our lives and in our businesses. And just like us, Jen is focused on ENERGY FIRST. She shares her story of how she came to this work: supporting introverted entrepreneurs. She talks about her struggles as an introvert in the traditional networking settings. She shares some solid advice around what worked for her and even shares about how some of her clients have been able to shift, through working her principles.

Jen shares with us why it's important to pay attention to our energy levels daily, how to keep our energy levels high and the value of an energy plan. She also reminds us about the things we need to avoid, like ignoring the signs or telling ourselves stories or even underestimating ourselves.

What's my favorite quote from Jen today? What does she mean when she says stop underestimating yourself? Spoiler alert: it's not what you think! And of course, What's the homework assignment that she has given us to begin integration of these teachings into our lives so that we can live UNBREAKABLE?

All this an more on today's episode.

This episode is outstanding!!! I truly love JEN!!!!! You will too!

Will you watch along? Just click the link below!

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