Monday, April 5, 2021

Sharing your message made simple: 5 simple steps to becoming a great speaker


I'm an anomaly. Most people fear public speaking in the same way they fear death, meanwhile, I run towards microphones with the same fervor that a gazelle might exhibit running from an apex predator.

Do you remember book reports? I loved them, not so much for doing the work on the report, that I could take or leave, but I always enjoyed the delivery. And yes, I was on the debate team, and I even considered the law, until the love of science and all things medicine drew me into its voracious vortex. To say, I love speaking is an understatement. I've taken opportunities in the past to work as a teacher, as a professional speaker, and  even now I look for opportunities to speak under any rock where they may be hiding. 

What this has meant for me is that over the years I have developed tremendous experience speaking to crowds large and miniscule, and what I know for sure is that for any entrepreneur trying to get her message out there, trying to be found by the precious souls who are needing her help, speaking can be an outstanding way to quickly and easily allow you to extend your reach, your impact and in almost all cases it can also help increase your income significantly. And who doesn't want that?

I have so much to share on speaking and as a result this could end up being a book instead of a simple tip article. I'll try to be brief: please let me share my top five tips to being an outstanding speaker who sells.

1) Craft your million dollar talk

One of my early mentors always told me: No one really wants to be taught anything, but stories, everyone wants to hear a great story. What's your story? What is the thing that you feel passionate enough about that it is your business? What brought you to this point that it is now your business? What positive experience have clients had with you? These are the interesting tidbits that make your talk a million dollar one.

If you know who your "Optimal Client" is and how you would speak to them on a one on one basis, then you know exactly what to talk about when you speak in front of a larger group. Because the truth is, speaking to a large group is just speaking to a bunch of people one -on -one, just all at the same time and without pesky interruptions!

So tell your stories, show how you or the people you helped overcame the same obstacles that your client is looking to overcome so they will know that they want to connect with you further even after you have left the stage. Practice becoming a storyteller when you are one on one with your clients and that will also help you know what material works and what doesn't.

2) Secrets to delivering an engaging talk

Start your talk with a story, or a question that leads into a story. Focus on a topic that you are passionate about and let your passion shine through. The truth is that the thing you are passionate about and that you know quite a lot about, you could probably talk about it if awoken from a dead sleep, so when choosing your signature talk, make it something that holds YOUR everlasting interest as well as that of your optimal audience. 

Don't be afraid to share a little vulnerability. Audiences are more interested in real authentic experiences rather than polished buttoned up boring chatter. 

Practice makes perfect. Know trust and believe in your call to action. Memorize it, know it the way you know your name. We are so much more comfortable, at least most of us are, delivering something when we feel well prepared.

3) Market yourself to get booked on stages

Just the same way you would market a new course or a new offering from your business, spread the word that you are a speaker for hire. Reach out to your contacts lists. You will be pleasantly surprised how many organizations, associations, shows and even individuals are looking for speakers, ranging from small opportunities to speak to a hand full of people to speaking to thousands. With online opportunities expanding daily, this is a great time to explore your speaking chops.

The best place to start: Reach out to your circle. People who celebrate and love you. Ask them to hop on a quick connection call with you and ask them: Who do you know who might be looking for a speaker on XYZ topic? These are your trusted besties; take advantage of the help they want to offer and start making connections there. Once you have explored your friend group connections, then head out to some of your more distant contacts such as your linked in list or even your email list, clients and suppliers. before you have exhausted these lists, you will have a full schedule of speaking opportunities and once you start speaking, always look to book at least one speaking opportunity from each one you do.

Reach out to your friends who are speakers and COLLABORATE with them. Share their info with event organizers and invite them to share yours as well. That simple strategy can double your bookings in half the time.

4) The nuts and bolts you need

I recommend engaging the services of a professional for this one. This is the area where you don't want to spare expenses, because these are the things that go before you and speak for you when you are not in the room. When I talk to event organizers they mention that a poorly done one of these may get you passed on more readily than anything else. 

Your speaker one, 

Speaker reel, 

Press kit 

5) It has nothing to do with you, it's not about you

Lastly, but I probably should have mentioned this first. Don't ever be nervous to get on a stage. the truth is: You probably know much more about your topic than those assembled. Those assembled actually are there because they WANT to hear what you have to share. They need to learn the wisdom that you have for them and you are meant to share it. 

It's not about you, you are not meant to feel self conscious, you are just the medium for delivering the words that someone in your audience needs to hear today. Knowing it is not about you, it has never been and will never be about you, that should take a little of the pressure off of being in front of a room full of people.

I could go on and on about all of this but I feel we might be able to get to the bottom of you speaking with conviction and grace by actually chatting together. What do you think? If you would like to pick my brain, the option to hop on a call with me exists! FYI: There is no obligation to anything except to have you Speak about what thrills you!

Here's the link to take a quick survey and if you click through to the end you will be able to hop on to my calendar. I look forward to chatting with you and cheering you on as you increase your income, reach and impact using the outstanding tool of speaking. 

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