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5 Reasons to write your bestseller now


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If you are reading this I'm assuming you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business. I'm also guessing that you have in some way, size, shape or form toyed with the idea of writing your book. Am I right? A dear friend once told me: Write your book. Tell your stories. How dare you not share what you have learned along your trail?

At first I thought to myself, well, that's a little bit strongly worded, don't you think? But then I thought about it more and realized that my super smart friend, who has always been the cutting edge of great advice, was actually on to something that I had not considered. 

Have you seen the internet meme: Your hardship could be someone else's instruction manual? That's seriously no joke. If you are like me, then you have lived. You have had ups and downs and you have learned from as many of your missteps as you could.

What about in your business? What have you learned from being in business? What are the things that you teach your clients and help them with? What experiences have you had with clients that would be interesting for us all to learn from? What problems have you helped others to solve?

I'm not asking all these questions because I'm unusually nosy. I am, it's true, but that's not the reason. I am asking because: If you have been thinking that you have no material for a bestseller, or if you have never even thought of writing a best seller, I want you to think about the fact that you have way more material than you know. Recognize please that there are many good reasons for an entrepreneur to get started on her bestseller. That means you, and the time is now. Here's why:

1) People are loosing sleep

You are uniquely you. Your story has never been told in the way you will share it and it will be uniquely heard by the people who most need it. Let me share another story about my above mentioned dear friend. The story involves my husband who, to say he is not heavily involved in the self help scene, is an understatement. Well, my friend's husband climbs mountains and is pretty much an all around guy's guy and motivator. He wrote a book, a motivational piece that my husband actually read! To my knowledge, that may have been the first self help type book that my guy had ever read. He not only read it , he also he loved it!! 

Have you ever heard the same thing over and over and then one day someone new says the same stuff in a different way and it just clicks? We have all had that experience. If you have read this far, you probably have noticed that my writing style is a little loose and rough around the edges. That's just me. Voltaire I am NOT. And that's not for everyone, but there are those of us who are attracted to this style of writing and who will hear this message better just because of that. We all have our "peeps." Only you can say what you have to say in your voice. And when you say it in your voice, the people loosing sleep because they need the service you provide, the ones who are your OPTIMAL CLIENTS, they will find you and that's how you save the world.

2) YOU = Thought Leader 

One outstanding way to grow your business is to become a thought leader. It's always awesome to give your clients tips and advice. They came to you and they respect your opinions. Then, there are the people who haven't as yet learned to know, like and trust you as yet. Your potential Optimal Clients can be helped  more easily along that path, when you are very obviously a thought leader; and that can be helped along by having a best selling book.

Let's say you and I have never met, and you overheard me saying something I say to most anyone who will listen: "Collaboration is a great way to grow your business." If you heard me saying that, it might make little or no impression on you. If however, someone referred you to my best selling book "Grow Smarter," and told you to check out some of my examples of how small and large businesses have used collaboration to grow exponentially, then you might sit up and notice; if you were the kind of person looking for more information about collaboration.

It is the exact same information, but the format that it is delivered in, as much as we might not want to agree with it, the format matters. Getting your word out in print, not just on your blog but in your bestseller is an outstanding way to take your place as a thought leader in your industry.

3) Grow your business

I said it at the top, I'm here making all kinds of assumptions about you. One of them being that you are an entrepreneur who might like to grow her income and impact. There are many ways to leverage your bestseller to grow your business.

-Use it to create publicity: book signings, press releases, author appearances, charitable donations (Things like raffle prizes,) just to name a few.

-You can teach a course based on your bestseller and offer potential clients an opportunity to go beyond the best seller.

- Use your book to grow your email list

- Use your book to get consultation or coaching clients

- Promote give aways of your book

- Share excerpts from your book to major publications

-Selling your book could become an additional income stream

- Use quotes and excerpts from your best selling book for marketing your business

- Publish your audiobook version of your bestseller

- Create a companion workbook to augment the reach of your bestseller

- Plus so many more business growth opportunities too many to list here to be sure!

More ideas for using your bestseller to grow your business: Press Play!

4) New opportunities

I am a professional speaker. I had participated in many collaborative book projects before writing my solo book project, but there were some stages that I did not have access to because event organizers would always ask: What's your book? Now that I can include my bestseller on my speaker sheet, my opportunities for speaking have expanded exponentially.

I've also had the opportunity to be on many notable podcasts and shows because people want to interview me about my book, or introduce me to their audience as a resource. 

From every opportunity that I have accepted as a result of my best seller, it seems that at least one or two other opportunities come as a result. The possibilities just seem endless. You could experience a huge shift compared to your pre bestseller days.

5) Expand your reach

And that leads me to talking about: expanding your reach, your income and of course your impact. I bring this up because that's what we are here for, right? We are here to shine our light, to as many of our Optimal Clients that need it as we can, and of course to be compensated appropriately.

Every time I hop on a stage to promote my book, that extends my each. Every time I get invited to be a guest blogger, podcast guest or even just to do a Facebook live with a friend, family member or colleague, that expands my reach. More people hear my message: "That we can all live our optimal entrepreneurial life and that it doesn't have to be difficult." They are intrigued to learn that the method I'm recommending is quite unconventional. As a result, my reach grows in a way that it would not have without my best seller.


One last thing before I go. Elizabeth Gilbert in her bestseller "Big Magic," mentions, (and I'm paraphrasing here,) that ideas are sort of living things that choose us.  You don't come out of the writing process without believing that that statement might be at least a little bit true. My experience has been, and what I now know for sure, is that your ideas expand and coalesce. You end the writing process a different person than you were going in. The act of creating somehow changes us all and it seems it is a transformation that is 100% for the better.

Yikes, this went longer than I expected. Writing does that to you. Once you get started it can take on a life of its own!  I feel we might be able to get to the bottom of you writing your bestseller with conviction and grace by actually chatting together. What do you think? If you would like to pick my brain, the option to hop on a call with me exists! FYI: There is no obligation to anything except to have you Write about what thrills you!

Here's the link to take a quick survey and if you click through to the end you will be able to hop on to my calendar. I look forward to chatting with you and cheering you on as you increase your income, reach and impact using the outstanding tool of writing and publishing your bestseller. 

Here's the link y'all:  https://www.growsmarternotharder.com/visibilitysurvey

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