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When building ourselves Unbreakable, why is being "Selfish" better than being "Selfless?"

  We continue the discussion with best selling author Soribel Martinez, author of Unbreakable. Today we ask and answer the question: When building ourselves Unbreakable, why is being "Selfish" better than being "Selfless?" As always, Soribel brings her vulnerability and authenticity to the show. She shares about some deeply personal things, like surviving brain surgery, healing from religious trauma and about her broken heart. All of these stories explain why she knows first hand about the detriment of being selfless; why taking care of everyone but yourself actually serves no one. Soribel shares her do's and don'ts for building an unbreakable selfcare practice. Plus she gives us some UNBREAKABLE homework so that we can get started implementing and integrating this into our lives. Interest piqued? This episode is outstanding!!! You will love Soribel if this is your first time meeting her! Will you watch along? By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia She

Unbreakable in Life and Business when we pull TOGETHER!

I remember walking in and the room going silent; every eye turning on me. I felt so out of place, I knew no one, and I was just about to pull myself up by my bootstraps and push through the discomfort, the way I always do... and then I did not have to because then I met HER. I had spent over 14 years working in Pharma in several different roles when, story for another day, I had a crisis of conscience. I left Pharma and the allopathic model of healthcare that was everything I had learned and held dear, and went back to school to learn about HOLISTIC Patient Care. Excited to dive into my new role, I was soon rudely awakened by the reality of what was happening around us.  Look y'all, There is always going to be something. You know what I'm talking about: For the last few years, we all faced a pandemic and the different effects of that on our businesses. But back then, for me it was the housing crisis. During this time in our private practice it was truly a time of uncertainty. P