How to use speaking to grow your business for 2023? Special guest Shannon Daniels


Have you been thinking of getting on more, stages, speaking on events or being on more podcasts and shows for 2023?

That's a great idea! I heartily agree! Speaking is the number one way to get your message in front of your ideal clients.... In large numbers! That's why this month as part of our monthly networking meeting, we featured super Ladies' Power Lunch member Shannon Malkin Daniels! Many of you know that she is a tech entrepreneur and amazing when it comes to events, but did you know that she is a communications expert? Did you know she used to teach communications at an Ivy, did you know she is a TedX speaker, and that she runs a communications company that helps us get our messages out there with ease and efficacy? Great news! Shannon is our workshop presenter on this episode. She shares:
1) The art of sharing your story that sells 2) Engaging your audience for maximum effect 3) Selling from the stage without being "salesy"
Plus even though she is not a booking agent, she shares her tips that have worked for her to get her booked on some outstanding stages! Who wants this? Doesn't everyone? Listen in and then hop on over to the Ladies' Power Lunch Facebook group and join the discussion! All this and more on this episode! Interest piqued? This episode is outstanding!!! Will you watch along? By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs- and a few supportive men. We work together to get more visible and to grow our businesses. TOGETHER Join our community: - In our active and supportive free Facebook community called: LADIES POWER LUNCH, We are there having heartfelt and meaningful conversation every single day! - PLUS Join our retreats and summits! Our upcoming retreat/summit is coming soon: March 20-21, 2023, both virtually and in person and all LIVE and experiential.

Join us as we share with you 20+ presenters and their hands on experiential workshops designed to give you the tools to live your optimal life in your business. Tickets and INFO: - Would you like to know even more? Explode your impact & income with the power of the collective!!! Go to:


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