Unbreakable in Life and Business when we pull TOGETHER!

I remember walking in and the room going silent; every eye turning on me. I felt so out of place, I knew no one, and I was just about to pull myself up by my bootstraps and push through the discomfort, the way I always do... and then I did not have to because then I met HER.

I had spent over 14 years working in Pharma in several different roles when, story for another day, I had a crisis of conscience. I left Pharma and the allopathic model of healthcare that was everything I had learned and held dear, and went back to school to learn about HOLISTIC Patient Care. Excited to dive into my new role, I was soon rudely awakened by the reality of what was happening around us. 

Look y'all, There is always going to be something. You know what I'm talking about: For the last few years, we all faced a pandemic and the different effects of that on our businesses. But back then, for me it was the housing crisis. During this time in our private practice it was truly a time of uncertainty. Patients were loosing their jobs, health insurances and in some really sad cases folx were even losing their homes. Our busy practice seemed to grind to a halt, and as the newest doctor in the practice, to say filling my schedule was a challenge, was the decade's understatement.

So I was advised, as I'm sure so many of you have been advised in the past at some time: Get out there and start networking. And so I did. My first networking event that I ever attended in life was nerve racking. Even for me, someone who was accustomed to standing on stages in front of hundreds of people, this was different. I remember pushing the door open and watching every eye in the place turn towards me. I knew absolutely no one, I'd never been to a networking event before and I was about to do my usual: Push through, make the best of it, smile through it... You know what I'm talking about, we have all done it at one time or another. Fortunately, on this occasion, I didn't have to. 

A wonderful woman who I later learned was an elder care attorney, came over to me, linked arms with me, introduced herself and then proceeded to introduce me to every single person that she knew at the networking event, and she knew just about everyone! She immediately started to think of ways that she could support me, other folx she could introduce me to, people she thought I might get along with even if they might not be driving business to my door. She was the most compassionate networker that I have ever met to date. She was also my first teacher about how I want to feel and how I want everyone to feel when they are out networking. Whether it is online or in person: I want them to feel Supported, Welcome and At Ease...  AND I want them to get the resources they need to grow their businesses and personal development, since that's why we all left our homes and came out to network in the first place!!! :) 

Can you relate to my experience? Have you ever walked into or logged onto a networking event and felt completely out of place and even unwelcomed? Have you ever felt as though folx are so keen on selling you their widget, that they never even take the time to find out what you do? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community where the connections were not just on the surface, but deep connections with transformation focused humans who have your best interest at heart? Have you ever wondered why I ask so many questions? :) Seriously though, if you are leaning in to this conversation, and if you have ever felt this way then you will absolutely appreciate Ladies' Power Lunch and will love attending our upcoming LPL Summit.

Out of my experiences in networking was born what is now Ladies Power Lunch, a multi national movement of humans committed to supporting each other to grow our businesses and to support each other so that we can be UNBREAKABLE in life and in business even in uncertain times.

I'm pretty sure we are very alike. Networking in the traditional way even in groups that promised increased connections didn't seem to hit the mark for me. Many of you might find yourself a part of an "old boys club," or even an "old girls club," that is not transformation focused and where you do not feel like you are connecting with like minded folx who truly value what you do. You are just not finding folx who are always looking for ways to support you, not because they expect something in return but because they are here and they can.

My invitation to you is come join me and a group of women in business who feel the same way as you do; women and a few heart centered men who are committed to more authentic connections, mutually beneficial collaborations, dependable reliable resources and support to grow your business and your personal development.

Our next summit is live and experiential and will be on March 20-21st with a bonus day on March 22nd; And you are invited. March 20th will be Hybrid. You can choose to attend in person at Farmington Gardens in Farmington CT or virtually via the LPL Encaptiv Portal from wherever your computer is located. We know taking two full days away from work can be challenging and so Day 2 is fully virtual. Attend from your computer! Our Bonus Day will also be virtual, and it is all live and interactive. You are absolutely invited. Will you attend?

The theme of this LPL Summit is: Build your unbreakable business. We will have over 20 experts share with us about both the practical and the intangible aspects of being unbreakable in life and business. We will be sharing in an interactive workshop based way, focused on how we can lay the foundations in our businesses so that with change happening all around us we will be less likely to fail. Foundations like finances, marketing, new technologies, teams, collaboration, networking, communication and PR.

Our team of expert facilitators will also workshop with us how to build confidence, inner peace, resilience and environments that support our essence. Plus our bonus day will be human design focused with outstanding HD experts. We will even have special content for HD Projectors for whom traditional business growth advice just does not usually work.

And to wrap it all up, we have an integration and implementation focused planning workshop where you will take your main take aways and plug them into your life and business to ensure that you get as much out of our time together as possible

What you get: 

- 2 full days of practically implementable, soul feeding content. Retreat style workshops delivered by over 20 facilitators who know their stuff and who will be available for networking and connection.

-Choose your own adventure: DO you want to attend in person? Then choose that option. Would you prefer to attend virtually? Then choose that option!

- Networking that is more aligned and a networking platform geared to increase your connections whether you are attending in person or virtually

- LPL Signature Swag Bags for all the early bird ticket purchasers (both early bird virtual attendees and early bird in person attendees,) and those who purchase an in person ticket. Swag bags will include a copy of the new Bestselling book, UNBREAKABLE by Soribel Martinez one of our Keynote Speakers.

-Virtually accessible Swag for all attendees

-  Yearlong Access to our LPL Encaptiv networking portal. Set up your profile so others can find you and hop on your calendar; message other event participants, access virtual swag, check out our offers from our sponsors

- Access to bonus content

- Access to replays. Have to miss a session? We love having you attend live but if you need to catch a session on the replay or want to go back and listen to a segment again, just check out the replays available in the LPl Summit Portal.

A summit that offers all this value over 2+ days usually tickets like this sell out at $450 or more. You get all these networking opportunities, outstanding facilitators and content plus more for just $247

Buy your ticket between now and March 13th and get your tickets between $100- $147

So will you join us? Tickets and more information: growsmarternotharder.com/ticket


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